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(solution) Incident Command System (ICS) - This is a notional scenario. This

Using the attached scenario please answer the following short essay question:

Referring back to the wildfires in the 1970s and the response problems that prompted the creation of the ICS, explain at least two problems that may occur with this response if the ICS structure is not used.

Incident Command System (ICS) - This is a notional scenario. This is only an exercise.


This test will assess your knowledge of the Incident Command System (ICS). The test consists of 3 short


essay questions. Content from this test is based on the FEMA IS-100 course and course readings and


resources. Total possible points is 100.


Be sure to read the criteria (last page), by which your test will be evaluated, before you write, and again


after you write. Incident Command System Scenario:


It is 1:00pm EST on the afternoon of January 17 th. It is 27 degrees outside.


Several 9-1-1 calls have been received by the Anytown, Connecticut Emergency Communications Center


with reports that a small passenger plane has crashed near the Anytown Country Club located on


Smithfield Road. Callers claim that Smithfield Road is blocked by heavy debris and travel on this busy


road is limited. Callers also report at least four homes on Smithfield Road are on fire and residents may


be trapped inside. The main wreckage of the plane has come to a rest near Smithfield Road and Maple


Avenue, blocking that intersection. At least six persons from the plane are severely injured and are


located just outside the plane. It is unknown if there are more passengers in the plane. Jet fuel and other


chemicals are present on the roadway. Hundreds of onlookers have gathered in the area and media


trucks and reporters have started to arrive. Anytown High School is located directly across the street


from the wreckage and is due to release its 700 students for the day at 2:20pm EST.


First responders have arrived and have started initial emergency response activities. The following


representatives have reported to the Incident Command Post (ICP), which has been established at the


Anytown High School athletic field nearby: Fire Battalion Chief


HazMat (Hazardous Materials) Response Team Leader


State Search & Rescue Team Leader


Anytown Police Shift Commander (lieutenant)


State Police supervisor (sergeant)


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Supervisor


Public Works Director


Red Cross Liaison


Anytown HS Principal The representatives begin to establish the ICS structure in order to effectively manage this complex


response and start to establish response objectives.


The following priorities will guide incident response objectives:


1. Life Safety


2. Containment of the incident


3. Protection of the environment and property Short essay. Complete all of the following short essay questions. Answers should consist of one wellformed paragraph consisting of 3 to 5 sentences.




Referring back to the wildfires in the 1970s and the response problems that prompted


the creation of the ICS, explain at least two problems that may occur with this response if the ICS


structure is not used.




Explain the concept of Unified Command, including an explanation of why it should be


used in this incident over a single incident commander.




Explain the ICS concept of Interoperability and why this concept is important to the


effective management of this incident.


ICS Test - Short Essay Grading Rubric


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