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(solution) Memorandum TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Dr. Lawrence Clark Clyde A.

I have my Proposal for my paper attach so it has to be about that  thank you for your help.

Compile a list of at least 10 possible sources, and list using MLA annotated bibliography format. These sources will be used to back up your claims as you present your "argument" in your final report.

In addition to books, articles, government or military or company documents and reports, etc., you should absolutely, most definitely include an interview with the specific decision maker to whom you'll be addressing your final report, as well as interviews with and/or survey results from others who have first-hand knowledge of the problem and/or might provide recommendations for solutions to the problem.

IMPORTANT: Review the following information before attempting this exercise:

  • Section 6.3, "Making an Argument," on pages 239-248 in Business Communication for Success.
  • This advice on how to write annotated bibliographies (click on "this advice" and you will be taken to the page that contains the information. Remember, you MUST use MLA ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY format for this exercise.  Do not simply upload the first ten items from a Google search, or format your sources using APA, Turabian, Chicago, or any other style. Use MLA style and include ANNOTATIONS for each entry (thus the term "MLA Annotated Bibliography).

Discussion Prompt

As your first message, send your annotated bibliography and also include a 150-200 word introduction describing any difficulties you've had finding information and requesting help from your classmates









SUBJECT: Dr. Lawrence Clark


Clyde A. Thompson Jr.




Problem Solving in Company Introduction


I am writing this to make sure that everyone is aware of the problems that where identified by


the inspector in the last inspection. The inspector said that the way we do things in the


mailroom need to become more affective and need to run in a smoother fashion. As we walked


through the mailroom he talked and showed me what needed to be looked over. A lot of the


problem is we need to update how things are done. This would mean that we would have to


purchase new items and update some software.


Actual, Real Life Problem


The following are major problems that are in the local mailroom on the military post. That


where implicated that needed to be looked at and seen if there is a better way to accomplish


the mission. This is coming from the inspector in are last inspection. One of the problems is the


accountable of the incoming and outgoing mail of the mailroom there needs to be a better way


to keep track of the mail. Another problem is the in processing of the mail as it comes off the


truck and is being processed in the holding area, having to hand write everything is making it


slower. This process is taking too long and there is too many people handling the mail.


Specific Decision Maker(s)


The primary decision marker for this would be the postal master David Goforth, postal officer


Jimmy Bevins and the other postal leaders Robert Agard and Pat Dunn. They would have to look


over the idea before they could authorize the changes that would need to be made.


Gantt Chart


As seen in the chart you can see how long would been need to do the research for the project at


hand. In the research I would have find the right software and equipment that would be needed


and at the lowest cost. Then there would be a written letter to tell you how this could be


implemented in the work place.


Mail Distribution








Research for paper 1 2 3 4 1 2 Writing of paper


Proposed Solution


Many of these problems could be solved with new computer software that could save the


packages barcode number and a signature for when the package was picked up to show in an


inventory that the package had been up on a certain date, time and by who. Then after the


package would be archived in a backup data base. If the package is not picked up by the allotted


holding time the software could tell you that there is an aged package.


A scanner would be need to scan that barcodes as the package would be coming off the truck


and as the package is being delivered to the costumer at the pick-up window. The scanners


could also be used to check for aged package.


A printer that can print on labels and can handle a large quantity of paper. The printer would


need to compatible to the software that would be used to make barcodes and printer labels.




This should be a good way to get updated the out dated ways the mailroom is being run has of


right now. This could also help make it easier to meet the regulations for the mail to be more


secured and more accountable of who is handling the mail. With the new way that is being


proposed could also free up some man hours to be use elsewhere in the office. Works Cited


Cortada, James W. The Digital Hand, Vol 3: How Computers Changed the Work of American


Public Sector Industries. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.


NICHOLS, JOHN. "Going Postal in the Digital Era." Nation 26 4 2010: 18-21.


Stewart, Derek B. bservations related to Reserve compensation, selective reenlistment bonuses,


and mail delivery to deployed troops. Washington, D.C.: U.S. General Accounting Office,




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