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who is a pro with human resources and total compensation, performance appraisals. Attached is an assignment that I need help with 

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Hogsbreath, KS 01235 We are a family-owned company with over 200


employees nestled in the heart of BBQ country. We


take pride in our creativity, quality, attention to


detail, forward-thinking, and team atmosphere.


Most of our employees have been with us for over


15 years and have promoted within the company!


If you'd like a fun and rewarding atmosphere, apply


today! Some Background Information


For years, On-Q has never had a formal performance appraisal program. All pay increases were


given as across-the-board so that all employees, no matter what their level of competency, skill,


or performance, received the same pay increase. At first this helped foster a team environment,


but lately there have been grumblings from many exceptional and high performing employees


that they should be rewarded better than those who merely meet expectations or who perform


worse than that. Indeed, turnover has averaged only 6% over the past 5 years; while that can be


a good thing, that also means that there are some poor-performing employees who are allowed


to languish in the company. As On-Q's first-ever professional human resources manager, one of your first assignments with


the company is to develop a performance appraisal, rating system, and pay increase model.


Wishing you would have paid more attention to the musings of Professor Zerfas in his MGT 613


class, you luckily find a copy of the compensation textbook on E-bay and pirated lectures from his


class on the black market. Your Assignment


So, there are four things you need to do. First, identify the performance factors to be used for


four types of positions. You will be given a list of factors to pick from. Second, how many ratings


should there be? I want you to identify how many, name them, and then define them. Third,


you will need to develop a matrix for pay increases. Finally, you are to prepare a presentation


script for rolling this out to all levels of employees. You'll notice the worksheet tabs at the


bottom of the screen, so go to each one and complete them. The Positions You Will Work With


Here are the four types of positions:


Vice President Manager Supervisor Responsible for mapping the vision and strategic direction of the company.


Has complete authority over major business functions (i.e. production,


sales and marketing, administration, accounting/finance). Accountability


for the financial health of the company and managing risk. Responsible ensuring objectives are successful. Has functional authority


over specific departments and develops and implements plans to meet the


strategies given by VP's. Responsible for the financial health of


departments. A critical role is that of people developer. Provides front-line supervision of all tasks for assigned department. Leads


and trains employees to ensure they are skilled and meet department and


production objectives. May be called upon to provide all types of


reinforcement. Provides lower-level assistance to managers in the


administration of their responsible areas. Follows work orders to manufacture or assemble products. Works


with other work teams to ensure products are completed on


Production Worker cooperatively


time per the schedule, parts are available when needed, and smokers and


grills meet the high expectations of the owners. Follows work orders to manufacture or assemble products. Works


with other work teams to ensure products are completed on


Production Worker cooperatively


time per the schedule, parts are available when needed, and smokers and


grills meet the high expectations of the owners. The Appraisal Factors


Below are some performance factors and brief definitions. You are to select the five (5) factors which you think will best define performance


for each level of position. It may be that a factor can be used for more than one position.


Once you have determined which factors should be associated with each position, rank them. In other words, do they all have equal


importance or are some more important than others? Explain why the number 1 factor is the most important for each position.


Factors to choose from: Attendance (including showing up to work on time)


Attitude (positive, upbeat, wanting to be part of the solution)


Budget (creation and adherence to operating budget for assigned area(s))


Conflict Resolution (help others to overcome differences in a positive and constructive way)


Department Performance (integral part of department meeting objectives and quotas)


Employee Development (prepare employees for growth within current/future positions)


Judgment (analyzing multiple options and determining the proper decision)


Leadership (influencing and transforming others, even peers)


Management (planning activities, organizing resources, controlling costs)


Performance Appraisals (percent delivered on time)


Planning (forethought and organizing activities to achieve a desired goal)


Quality (degree to which work products are correct and per standards)


Quantity (meeting quotas or submitting work on time)


Regulatory Compliance (ensuring all laws and regulations are adhered to)


Safety (ensuring self and all others go home as healthy as they came to work)


Stakeholder Relationships (ensure internal and external groups are treated fairly)


Strategic Execution (plan, implement, and measure initiatives to meet strategic goals and objectives)


Strategic Planning (identify and ensure success of opportunities for breakthrough performance)


Supervision (directing day to day activities of employees)


Team Work (cooperation, collaboration, coordination) Now, select and rank the 5 factors below Rank










5 Vice President


Factor Rank










5 Manager


Factor Rank










5 Supervisor


Factor Production Worker














5 Now, explain in the boxes below why the number one factor is the most important appraisal factor for each position


Vice President


0 Manager


0 Supervisor


0 Production Worker


0 The Performance Appraisal Ratings So now that we have the factors, what are the different performance ratings employees can earn


for each factor? Without proper definitions, the ratings could be nothing more than a subjective


guess. What we want is for there to be consistency of application of the performance ratings


among supervisors, managers, and VP's that adequately describe how the employee came up


short, met, or even exceeded expectations for that performance factor.


You will need to determine how many ratings, the names of the ratings, and the definitions in


your own words what the ratings mean. They should be applicable to the type of company On-Q


is. You should have either 3 or 5 performance ratings.


Rating 1 Name (top performance)


Rating 1 Definition Rating 2 Name (next step down)


Rating 2 Definition Rating 3 Name (next step down)


Rating 3 Definition Opt-Rating 4 Name (next step down)


Rating 4 Definition Opt-Rating 5 Name (next step down)


Rating 5 Definition Merit Pay Increases


Okay, we've developed the appraisal factors and the ratings. Now we need to know how much


merit increase difference employees would get based on their ratings. Companies will budget x% increase for merit pay. What that means is that given a certain budget


amount, and assuming there is a bell curve of performance similar to what I showed in my


lecture, the average increase across the company should equal or be less than the budget. One


of the challenges with merit budgets is to ensure we properly reward higher performance more


than successful performance; having too little difference in merit increases would not provide


enough motivation for some employees to work harder. However, too much difference might


end up breaking the bank. So, let's take the ratings you just developed. How many did you have? 3 or 5? Below is a


percent breakdown on the population of employees who would hypothetically receive the


ratings you came up with (choose the applicable one based on how many ratings you developed).


Rating 1




3 Ratings


Model 5 Ratings


Model Rating 3


Rating 2 (Bottom) 10% 80% 10% Rating 1


(Top) Rating 2 Rating 3 5% 20% 50% Rating 5


Rating 4 (Bottom)


20% 5% Assume a 4% merit increase budget. Determine how much the merit increase would be for


each rating so the average, based on the percent of employees receiving each rating, equals 4%.


Enter the rating names and the proposed merit increases (as a percent) in the yellow cells of the


applicable rating model below.


3 Ratings Model


Enter Rating Name>>


Enter Proposed Merit %>>


Percent of Population>>


Checking your work>>


5 Ratings Model


Enter Rating Name>>


Enter Proposed Merit %>>


Percent of Population>>


Checking your work>> 10% 5% 4.00%




3.2% 20% 10%


Met 4.00%




2.00% 20%


Met 5% Now, explain below why you selected the percents for each rating. One thing to think about:


should the bottom performers receive an increase at all? Why or why not? Your Script


Congratulations! You have engineered a very basic, but workable, appraisal and merit increase


model for On-Q. You have been asked to explain the new appraisal and merit increase program


to the employees. In the following space, write a script of your presentation of the new program


as you would be talking to the employees. Keep in mind potential positive and negative


reactions by the employees and that they are not as knowledgeable about these things as you


are. Also remember to explain "why".


There isn?t a page minimum, but I will grade on how well you explain and justify the changes.


Spelling and grammar affect the grade. Due date is on the Lesson Plan.


Write your answers in the space below. Yeah, I know it isn't as conducive to formatting like Word


is, so don't worry about paragraphs. If you need more room, merge more rows below.


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