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(solution) 1. Reading the vignette on page 79 in the text, what do you think

1. Reading the vignette on page 79 in the text, what do you think would be the most difficult aspect of raising a child with special needs? Would it be the internal context, or the external context? (You can find out more about these in Chapter 4 of the text.) Please be as specific as you can be about what stressors you might feel or encounter in these contexts. Book: Families and Change 5th edition.

(Vignette page 79: Jared and Ashley had been married for 8 years when they learned they were expecting a child. They were completely overoyed since they had difficulty conceiving, undergoing various fertility treatments and previous disappointments over the last several years Upon learning about the pregnancy, and Ashley immediately called their families to relay the good news over the next several months they prepared for the birth of their firstborn Once they found out it was a girl Ashley began preparing the nursery and shopping for girl clothes and toys. With their daughter's birth fast approaching, Jared and Ashley found themselves talking more and more about the activities they would enjoy and the memories they would create with their daughter At the start of labor contractions, Jared and Ashley rushed to the hospital At the end of an exhausting 8 hours, Ashley gave birth to a beautiful girl It was immediately clear that something was wrong. After some consultation, a doctor returned to give Jared and Ashley the news. Their baby girl had indicators of Down syndrome It was at this moment they realized their lives would never be the same.)

2. Spent is an online game that gives you the opportunity to see how to make choices with limited economic opportunity. Here is the web address, Go to spent and play it two times.

For discussion this week, briefly describe the choices you made, and their outcome. Please also write about anything you might have learned by playing SPE

3. I would like you to go the Dougy Center website. The Dougy Center is a private agency in Portland, that provides support groups for children and young adult who have had a family member die. The Dougy Center is also an international resource that provides trainings on grief and creating programs around supporting people who have experienced the death of close family member.

Their website is

Explore the website a bit to learn about what they do.Then, go to "grief resources" and look at some of the "tip sheets" they offer. Then you can go to "podcasts" and listen to 1) e001: The myth of the grief timeline (page 8) 2) e011: who am I now? (page 5) or 3) any other podcast you wish to listen to.

In your discussion please address:

1 - Something in the Tip Sheets that stood out for you, and

2 - Something in the Podcast that really stood out for you.


Please read the brief articles about both the ACEs Study and the Family Assets Study. They are found in Week 7 content.

Comment about them. How do they fit together? Differ?

5. Here are several videos. Please watch and comment on them for your discussion. They involve mental illness and physical illness. Please discuss the thoughts you have about these, and use the ABC-X model in your discussion.

Mental Illness:

Physical Illness:

2-4 papragraphs for each question. 


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