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(solution) Please read carefully... This is just to fix this project. Just

Please read carefully...

This is just to fix this project.  Just two parts...

Please read professor comments

I need help please fixing this two parts of the project.

Thanks please read the professor comments.

Creative, Media & Evaluation.
Please keep in mind your target audience when choosing your campaign strategy. Example: college students (this segment is highly active on social media).
Also, remember to align your creative with the channels and market segments. This section should include you recommendations for the media to be used as well as your recommendations for how Trader Joe?s can use that media to communicate the message they are trying to convey to its target audience.
For the Evaluation: You will explain the criteria that will be applied and the length of time (one year) to achieve the campaign?s advertising objectives as stipulated in the Objectives section of the proposal (e.g Generate Sales of $3 million per month, $9 million per Quarter, $36 million on Year One).
Example of campaign budget:
Total Marketing Budget: $100K
Facebook: $6,000
TV: $25,000
Mobile APP: $15,000
Partnerships: $10,000
Promotions: $10,000
Like the Campaign Strategy, this section requires more of your creative thinking than research. Focus on applying the concepts that you have learned in the course and previous marketing coursework.
You will also need:
Media Schedule (example):
Social Media (12 month)

Brand Value Proposition & Campaign Strategy
The Value Proposition is correct. However, the Campaign Strategy does not require research; it requires your expertise for effectively launching the new store.
For the Campaign Strategy, you need to focus on the strategy (or strategies) that best fits with the creative brief that you have developed and ultimately meets both the needs of Trader Joe?s and the needs of their potential customers. Second, you will need to make sure that the message strategy and the method of conveying that strategy fits well with the three distinct segments that you are addressing.
For example: The goal is to increase Trader Joe?s brand awareness through a targeted marketing campaign.
Strategies include:
Social media - Examples: time-sensitive sales with trackable coupons,

Running head: ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Advertising Campaign


Student Name


University Name


September 30, 2016 1 ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 2


Advertising Campaign Introduction


Trader Joe's Company owns and operates a chain of convenience stores in the United


States. Trader Joe's Company was formerly known as Pronto Markets and changed its name to


Trader Joe's Company in 1967. The organization was established in 1958 and is headquartered in


Monrovia, California. Trader Joe's Company works as a subsidiary of T.A.C.T. Holding, Inc.




With regards to necessary supply chains, Trader Joe's isn't your regular Joe. With


additional around 460 stores in about 40 states, the organization offers upscale grocery fare, for


example, health foods, organic produce, and nutritional supplements. For holding costs down, its


stores have no service departments and standard around 12,000-15,000 sq. ft. Trader Joe's stocks


around 4,000 things, 80% of which are its particular private labels, including its mark Charles


Shaw brand wine that sells for $4 a bottle, soup, snacks, and frozen items. Begun by Joe


Coulombe as a Los Angeles comfort store chain in 1958, fast growing Trader Joe's is claimed by ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 3 German very rich person Karl Albrecht, who established the ALDI food chain with his late


brother Theo [Hoo].


Situation Analysis


Industry Analysis


Retail grocery in the U.S. is an enormous, $1.3 trillion a year industry. As a Superstore,


Walmart is positioned as the sole member of a strategic group unto itself. Albeit profoundly


divided, the rest of the sector can be categorized into essential strategic groups: grocery chains,


non-conventional grocery sellers, and hyper-local, artisanal markets. Kroger and Costco


Wholesale own the next biggest share of yearly incomes, acquiring $76 billion and $71.4 billion


in 2009, respectively. Three organizations that represent diverse yet successful strategies are


Walmart, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's [Dav10].


Market Analysis


The market analysis can be done using the Porter?s five forces which suggest that in the


retail grocery industry, the bargaining power of buyers is high. The buyers have man grocery


stores to shop from. The bargaining power of the suppliers is low. The Trader Joes nondisclosure agreement makes it unidentifiable to consumers if they changed their suppliers for the


brand. The threat of the substitutes is medium. The risk potential new entrants are also medium


in the industry. It is so because the capital requirements are not very high. Moreover, finding


health conscious or cheap suppliers is a difficult task. Finally, the rivalry among competitors is


also at a medium level. It is not easy to compete with the Trader Joes brand. However, brands


like Whole Foods and Kroger are trying to catch up with Trader Joes [Gle11].


Competitor Analysis ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 4 The main competitors of Trader Joes are Whole Foods, Walmart, and Kroger. Trader Joe's


has the best-planned service. It catches value by mixing the best parts of Walmart's, Kroger's, and


Whole Foods' strategies. By combining low-cost products with a passion for quality gourmet


food, Trader Joe's couples service outline and productivity superior to any rival in the retail


grocery industry [Dav10].




Trader Joes aim to provide high quality healthy and gourmet foods to its customers. Also,


we are committed to the health of the consumers and the environment in general. For ensuring


the company meets its objectives, the quantitative benchmarks would be increased in sales,


expansion in market share, develop a social media plan, and growth in customer retention and


satisfaction [Amy]. These measurements will ensure the success of the company. The company is


expected to see the results within the two years following the advertising campaign. The


company aims to make a profit of around $50 million by second year and 10 percent increase in


sales per year for next five years.


Target Market


The target market of Trader Joes includes the young college students, single consumers


who live alone, and soccer moms who are interested in healthy and gourmet foods. For our social


networking campaign, we outfit towards Trader Joe's image of fresh and healthy gourmet food, a


developing pattern among the ways of life of these customer segments. Utilizing the media stage


of which they are usual, we can achieve our intended target audience as well as permit them to


impart their affection for Trader Joe's to their companions. It is additionally imperative to focus


on our campaign towards health enthusiasts who may indicate interest in the organic and natural ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 5 food that Trader Joe's offers. This group of onlookers is comprised of individuals who are failing


with keeping up a perfect way of life. Trader Joe's benefits are consistently enduring and


ascending as getting to be fit and sound is a pattern and prescribed method for living. This


gathering can regularly be disengaged through geology as specific urban areas, for example,


Maryland and Minnesota contain plenty more health informed populace than the rest, which is


the place we will dispatch the majority of our philanthropy and school fundraisers [Wee]. These


customer segments are currently not able to purchase the packaged foods as most of the


packaged foods come up according to family needs, but our company is working on meeting


their needs.


Brand Value Proposition


Trader Joe?s offers the best quality gourmet cuisines at a low, affordable price to the


middle income educated consumers who like the variety of foods from around the world. Trader


Joe?s created value for the target audience and refined products, promotion and distribution to


deliver that value to the customers. Trader Joe?s created a fun environment to bring in more


customers which were earlier a chore [Dha09].


Campaign Strategy


A group of social media specialists to run the organization's social media and would


comprise of a gathering of 5 who can go up against various sorts of duties, for example,


facilitator, examiner, item master, and so on. They would be paid representatives of Trader Joe's


and require around $47,000 for reimbursement rates, and $220,000 for each of the five every


year. On generous gifts, we would give a sum of $3,050,000 in real money donations and also


another evaluated $2,280,000 in products every year. These capital contributions go towards vast ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 6 philanthropy occasions, for example, supporting illness research, while cash in items, for the


most part, goes toward group pledge drives and sustenance drives. The aggregate $5,670,000


spent makes up .6% of total Trader Joe's income of $11.5 billion as of the financial year of 2016.


As contrasted with a regular organization's spending on advertising of 8-9%, Trader Joe's


spending would be small the initial year to test the adequacy of the crusade. If sufficient, Trader


Joe's would build publicizing financing by an anticipated 1.5% of organization income for every


year until it settles at around 5% of profit [Wee2].






Like any advertising campaign, it is most imperative to be shrewd with the money being


put into the project. All things considered, the amount of cash a business will spend on


advertising will decide the size of the campaign and how much the business will advertise. Since


we are opening a current new location of Trader Joe's, it is pivotal that our advertisements get out


just the relevant information. We need high school students, undergraduates, mothers, and fathers


to all are excited about this new area opening. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 9 Although Trader Joe's is a national organization, the paid advertisements for this


campaign will be insignificant. While vehicles like TV commercials and movie theater ads can


be exceptionally useful, for this campaign we will concentrate on a billboard, radio, and


magazine commercials. Another reason I am abstaining from using TV and movie theater


promotions is that Trader Joe's isn't an organization that is referred to for using these vehicles as


a type of ad ordinarily so this crusade will utilize different techniques for media. I also anticipate


concentrating on online networking and limited time notice over just media vehicles. These note


strategies can help our campaign without going over the edge on our financial plan [Wee1]. Source: ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 10 Source:




The advertising campaign of Trader Joes can be evaluated by: Using coupons that are brought into the store to determine if the ads are working or not


Facebook clicks and Twitter views. If the number of likes and views have been increased, we can determine if the ads are attracting more customers.


Events can be used to determine if the customers are enjoying our brand and experience. References ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 11 Bloomberg. (2016, September 16). Company Overview of Trader Joe's Company. Retrieved from






Dalal, D. (2009, February 24). Trader Joe?s. Retrieved from Slideshare:


David Bellona, K. B. (2010, September 30). Industry Analysis. Retrieved from SVA:


Guettler, A. (n.d.). Examples of Quantitative Marketing Objectives. Retrieved from Small




Hoovers. (n.d.). TRADER JOE'S COMPANY Company Profile. Retrieved from Hoovers:


Llopis, G. (2011, September 5). Why Trader Joe's Stands Out From All the Rest in the Grocery


Business. Retrieved from Forbes:


Weebly. (n.d.). Trader Joe'S Advertising Campaign. Retrieved from Weebly:


Weebly. (n.d.). Trader Joe'S Advertising Campaign. Retrieved from Weebly: ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN


Weebly. (n.d.). TRADER JOE'S ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. Retrieved from Weebly: 12


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