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(solution) In an essay of 450-500 words, describe how you would coach a

In an essay of 450-500 words, describe how you would coach a hypothetical colleague in your organization to write a technical report, focusing on the colleague?s three main concerns in the scenario below.

Specific requirements:


  • Format: essay, single-spaced, in Word
  • Length: 450-500 words
  • Target audience: a hypothetical subordinate who has asked you for assistance
  • References allowed: Use any references except another person. Your main references should be the Lannon text, the course lectures, the assessment checklist I use for grading, and our discussions as your main supporting evidence for your advice to your subordinate. You may also use online references to supplement these.



There's a knock at your office door. One of your colleagues is standing there with a worried look on his face.


     "Got a minute?"


     "Sure! Come on in."


     He enters and shows you what he's been working on.


"I need help. I'm working on this analytic report for the boss, but I'm having a tough time getting beyond my rough notes, and it's due in five days.


"I'm especially worried about 1) how to retrieve, verify and use information from the Web and elsewhere to provide good analysis (explanation) and evidence (examples and facts) for my report. I'd also like to know 2) how to put together an Information Plan to help me visualize what my final document will look like.   Finally, I'd like to know 3) how to use the Lannon text to make sure I'm reaching my audience. Could you give me some suggestions on these three areas?"


     You look at the clock, and the stack of papers on your desk.


     You say, "Of course. You bet. I'll take a look."


     A broad smile creeps across his face and he says, "Thanks, I knew you?d help!" He puts his work on the corner of your desk and starts to back out of your office.


     You reply, "Wait a minute. Not so fast. Why don't you sit down? Let's go over this together."


     **What are you going to do now?**


In your essay:


  1. Double-underline your main point, your controlling idea. (There is only one controlling idea in any document.)
  2. Single-underline your main supporting points. (There are three main points to cover in this exam, as indicated in the scenario above.)
  3. You may use any references you wish (text, notes, copied pages from the Internet) except the advice of another person.
  4. You must document every reference with footnotes or parenthetical citations, quotations (as required), and a list of references (a bibliography).
  5. You must enclose any text copied from any source within quotation marks, and you may not use quoted information for more than 20% (or 100 of 500 words) of your essay.


Main criteria for excellence:

Credible substance. The reader should be able to write the report according to your advice. 25%

Clear organization, including focused analysis and specific evidence. 25%

Clear style. Your essay should be understandable in a single rapid reading. 25%

Correct grammar, punctuation, usage, mechanics, and spelling. Minimum of distracting errors in correctness (proofread carefully). 25%


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