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(solution) For Step 5, you may choose your own Industry Vertical to work

For Step 5, you may choose your own Industry Vertical to work from. These Choices are also listed in the Student Lab Manual:

a. Healthcare provider under HIPPA compliance law
b. Regional bank under GLBA compliance law
c. Nationwide retailer under PCI DSS standard requirements
d. Higher-education institution under FERPA compliance law


Lab #7: Assessment Worksheet

Part A ? Perform a Business Impact Analysis for an IT Infrastructure

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Instructor Name: ___________________________________________________________

Lab Due Date: _____________________________________________________________


When performing a BIA, you are trying to assess and align the affected IT systems, applications, and

resources to their required recovery time objectives (RTOs). The prioritization of the identified mission

critical business functions will define what IT systems, applications, and resources are impacted. The

RTO will drive what kind of business continuity and recovery steps are needed to maintain IT operations

within the specified time frames.

1. Performa BIA assessment and fill in the following chart:

Business Function Business Impact Recovery IT Systems/Apps

Or Process Factor Time Objective Infrastructure Impacts

Internal and external voice

communications with

customers in real-time

Internal and external e-mail

communications with

customers via store and

forward messaging

DNS ? for internal and

external IP communications

Internet connectivity for email

and store and forward

customer service

Self-service website for

customer access to

information and personal

account information


e-Commerce site for online

customer purchases or

scheduling 24x7x365

Payroll and human

resources for employees

Real-time customer service

via website, e-mail, or

telephone requires CRM

Network management and

technical support

Marketing and events

Sales orders or customer/

student registration

Remote branch office sales

order entry to headquarters

Voice and e-mail

communications to remote


Accounting and finance

support: Accts payable,

Accts receivable, etc.

Part B ? Craft a Business Impact Analysis Executive Summary

Craft a BIA executive summary, follow this structure and format:

a. Goals and purpose of the BIA ? unique to your scenario

b. Summary of Findings ? business functions and assessment

c. Prioritizations ? critical, major, and minor classifications

d. IT systems and applications impacted - to support the defined recovery time objectives


Lab #7: Assessment Worksheet

Perform a Business Impact Analysis for an IT Infrastructure

Course Name: _____________________________________________________________

Student Name: _____________________________________________________________

Instructor Name: ___________________________________________________________

Lab Due Date: _____________________________________________________________


After completing your BIA report for your scenario and IT infrastructure, answer the following Lab #7 ?

Assessment Worksheet questions. These questions are specific to your BIA you performed for your

scenario and IT infrastructure. Justify your answers where needed.

Lab Assessment Questions

1. What is the goal and purpose of a BIA?

2. Why is a business impact analysis (BIA) an important first step in defining a business continuity plan


3. How does risk management and risk assessment relate to a business impact analysis for an IT


4. What is the definition of Recovery Time Objective (RTO)? Why is this important to define in an IT

Security Policy Definition as part of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) or Business Continuity Plan



5. True or False - If the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) metric does not equal the Recovery Time

Objective (RTO), you may potentially lose data or not have data backed-up to recover. This

represents a gap in potential lost or unrecoverable data.

6. If you have an RPO of 0 hours ? what does that mean?

7. What must you explain to executive management when defining RTO and RPO objectives for the


8. What questions do you have for executive management in order to finalize your BIA?

9. Why do customer service business functions typically have a short RTO and RPO maximum

allowable time objective?

10. In order to craft back-up and recovery procedures, you need to review the IT systems, hardware,

software and communications infrastructure needed to support business operations, functions and

define how to maximize availability. This alignment of IT systems and components must be based on

business operations, functions, and prioritizations. This prioritization is usually the result of a risk

assessment and how those risks, threats, and vulnerabilities impact business operations and functions.

What is the proper sequence of development and implementation for these following plans?

Business Continuity Plan : _______

Disaster Recovery Plan : _______

Risk Management Plan : _______

Business Impact Analysis : _______

BUSINESS IMPACT ANALYSIS Part A ? Perform a Business Impact Analysis for an IT Infrastructure


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