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(solution) The Assignment: Write a 1- to 2-page paper analyzing how group or

The Assignment:

  • Write a 1- to 2-page paper analyzing how  group or ethnic identity affects quality of life in the area where you live.
  • I live in Philadelphia

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph Journal entry in which you address the following questions:

  • What appropriate sources of information did you use in finding your student-contributed resource?
  • At this early stage in the process of investigating a topic, what advantages do you see in conducting research to discover various factors associated with the topic?
  • In what ways does the ability to       conduct research strengthen your understanding of the city? There are two attachments the first one is the student-contributed worksheet that I completed the second attachment (Week4) needs to be completed.

Student Contributed Resource Worksheet


Directions: Please type your answers in the boxes provided. If you need more space,


the box will expand as you write?so, there is no need to worry about space. Do not


write your answers in a separate document because your Instructor uses the Rubric


after each question to grade that section. You may also use the Rubric as a guide to


make sure you completed the question correctly.


Quality of Life in Cities: Perspectives


1. Find one article from the library or credible Internet site that focuses on quality of


life in a specific city or in cities generally.


Note: You may use articles by the authors listed in the Learning Resources section


but you may also include other authors.


Insert the requested information in the box below.


Author name: Lee Stabert


Year and date of publication: Tuesday, November 01,2011


Name of the article (or web article or website): Cost of Living: How expensive is




Name of the publication (or website):




Volume and issue number (for magazine or journal articles):


URL (that is, the web address) of the website (if applicable): Next, attempt to organize the information above into an APA-style reference. There are


two examples in the following box, one for an article published in a magazine or journal


and one for an article published on a website.


Insert APA reference below.


Example of an article published in a magazine or journal:


Kotkin, J. (2005). Cities: Places sacred, safe, and busy. The Next American City, (8),




Example of an article published on a website: © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 1 of 3 Montgomery, C. (2013, November 1). The secrets of the world's happiest cities. The


Guardian. Retrieved from


Enter your attempt at an APA style reference:


Stabert, L. (2011). Cost of Living: How expensive is Philadelphia. Flying kite media Finally, post this reference to the course blog.


Question #1 Rubric (for Instructor use only) Points Did the student find one academically appropriate source? _____ / 17.5


points 70 Points


_____/70 Did the student provide all the requested details about the source?


_____/ 17.5 points


Did the student attempt to put the reference to the source in APA format?


_____/ 17.5 points


Did the student post the reference to the course blog? _____ / 17.5




Instructor Comments: 2. Write an annotation in the box below. An annotation summarizes the article and its


point of view. It can be thought of as the explanation for why the article relates to the


topic or an Assignment. Your annotation for this article should be 3?4 sentences.


Insert your answer below.


Philadelphia is ranked one of the best places to visit. From the food, low rent, and urban


character Philly is the place to be for people coming from all walks of life. Philadelphias


communitis are constantly growing from people going to school to people wanting to be


entrepreneurs. Home ownership has become more desirable and affordable in the most


rural areas. Barriers for entrepreneurship are significantly lower than the


East Cost. © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 2 of 3 Question #2 Rubric (for Instructor use only) Points Did the student provide an explanation for why the article relates to the


topic? _____/30 points 30 Points


_____/30 Instructor Comments: Worksheet Total Points 100 points


_____/100 © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 3 of 3


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