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(solution) Add in the different products sold for example health shakes,

Add in the different products sold for example health shakes, healthy bars etc.

Write a minimum of a 700-word section for your business model and strategic plan in which you add your strategies and tactics to implement and realize your objectives, measures, and targets.

  • Include marketing and information technology strategies and tactics.
  • Develop at least three methods to monitor and control your proposed strategic plan, being sure to analyze how the measures will advance organizational goals financially and operationally.
  • Determine the best possible options for evaluating the strategic plan.  
  • Explain the ethical issues faced by the organization, summarize the legal and regulatory issues faced by the organization, and then summarize the organization's corporate social responsibility.
  • Include in this section the possible implications of the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) on the strategic plan and its implementation.

Write a 350-word executive summary defining the new division of existing business. Share your Vision, Mission, final business model, and value proposition, and list your key assumptions, risks, and change management issues. Quantify the growth and profit opportunity and planned impact on various stakeholders.

Note: Any investor should be eager to meet with you after reading your executive summary.

Using the University of Phoenix Business Model and Strategic Planning Outline as a guide, combine Parts 1, 2, and 3 of your completed business model strategic plan with your Final Business Plan Model assignment and Executive Summary. This includes the Business Model, Vision, Mission, Values, SWOT Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, and Communication Plan from prior weeks. Your consolidated final strategic plan should be a minium of 5,250 words in length.

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Running head: THE GREEN SHOP 1 The Green Shop


Christine Gougis




September 22nd, 2016


Peter Wilms THE GREEN SHOP 2 The Green Shop


In a quickly advancing business atmosphere, vital arranging is a major need for picking


up an upper hand in the commercial center. Mission, vision, and qualities impact the crucial


heading of an organization and ought to be considered all through the arranging procedure.


Ewing, J. (2011, 02). Officials inside the association must examine the necessities of


shareholders, clients, and representatives to upgrade the viability of the first choices. For a


business to accomplish key goals, it is essential to plan a mission and vision proclamation that


will serve as an establishment for future decisions made by the administration.


The business decided for this task is an across the nation retailer and wholesaler of


natural nourishment items and everyday health items. The organization will offer a broad range


of natural, synthetic free food items and regular health items sourced from all over the world all


through the United States using its stores and also retail arrange. The primary USP of the


organization will be that its items will ensure quality, freshness and adherence to recommended


benchmarks for natural nourishment and the organization will offer the biggest assortment or


essential and shared health items to clients. Unique selling points or unique selling proposition.


(2011). The name of the association will be "The Green Shop," delineating the natural


friendliness of the items.


The three catchphrases mission, vision and worth hold critical significance in the


accomplishment of an organization. No association can move without having a legitimate mix of


these three fundamental components in its business. The chose business for this paper is an


association "The Green Shop" which is an across the nation retailer and wholesaler of natural


nourishment items and standard health items. The organization offers various items alongside a


reasonable vision and mission.


Development of Mission Statement THE GREEN SHOP 3 As an across the nation retailer and wholesaler of natural nourishment items and unique


health items the organization, The Green Shop offers a broad range of natural, synthetic free


sustenance items and standard health items sourced from all over the world all through the


United States using its stores and also retail arrange. The principle USP of the organization for


making progress everywhere throughout the world is this that its items will be clear for quality,


freshness and adherence to recommended measures for natural nourishment and the organization


will proffer the main assortment or natural and regular health items to clients. The name of the


organization itself delineates that the organization has confidence in the well-disposed ecofriendly products.


The mission of the Green Shop is to liven up the health and way of life of its clients by


developing pervasive grouping of crisp, high caliber and immaculate natural sustenance and


general health everywhere throughout the nation. The organization recognizes its items and


administration by offering to ensure with adoration to recognition to prearranged benchmarks


and mandates, or at the end of the day we can say that "guaranteed natural" items and also


essential health items got from everywhere throughout the globe. The organization trusts that its


clients won't have to go to some other spot for their natural and characteristic health items


essentials and here at their stores they will discover large grouping of general health and


untaught items at one place.


The statement of purpose is the second real stride towards building a capable vital


arrangement. Its motivation is to go about as an aide those chiefs and representatives can take


after when settling on choices for an organization. The mission ought to likewise be reflected in


by the general estimation showed by clients. For instance, consumers ought to have the capacity THE GREEN SHOP 4 to effortlessly distinguish the morals and qualities that are apparently advanced by the




Creation of Vision


Vision explanation characterizes the reason and estimations of an association alongside


its future targets. Carneiro, E., Costa, M. A., & Mário, M. N. (2011). Notwithstanding this, it


directs the representatives to act in a predefined way. A mutual vision helps every worker see


how he/she independently adds to the organization's prosperity, and also how everybody


contributes all things considered. The vision furthermore helps your association make a


reasonable and consistent message, which will enhance the viability of correspondence with


customers. To build partner engagement, assemble a group that speaks to various levels and


divisions in your association, which will help you, make a message that resounds with the greater


part of your workers. Sustainability is a quality based term. No definition can envelop all


societies, nationalities, perspectives, races, organizations, and so on. Honestly bore down to the


center significance of maintainability, and how that identifies with your association, for every


partner taking an interest in the visioning procedure. After all, members have an opportunity to


voice their conclusions, utilize this data to make your association's manageability vision




The view explanation is a key segment of the key arranging process. The reason for the


idea is to give a picture of what the organization tries to be if its primary goal is an expert. It is an


optimistic variant of how the business will show up if all choices become alright to meet the


organization's essential objectives. The vision may take a long to accomplish completely, yet it


gives a general outline of the association's directing standards. THE GREEN SHOP 5 The characterization of center qualities is the directing role of admiration among the


shareholders of the business. Conveying the center qualities to administration will guarantee that


they reflect in the operational choices made by the organization. If the company characterizes


actually, the external clients ought to have the capacity to perceive the center qualities inside the


plan of action effortlessly. Always alluding to the mission and vision articulations will


accomplish this objective.


Clear correspondence of the vision, mission, and center qualities is required for the


necessary arrangement to be actualized. Workers and directors ought to dependably have a


reasonable comprehension of the central rule that makes up the organization's plan of action. At


the highest point of the chain of importance, corporate administrators must settle on abnormal


state choices that will permit center qualities to thrive. For instance, it will be essential to choose


new store areas that empower workers to effortlessly collaborate with local people, for example,


thickly populated urban malls. Picking rural store areas won't give the important presentation to


representatives to take after the center estimation of group contribution. Also, nonstop preparing


of workers will be directed to keep them concentrated on the prime destinations of the


organization. Interminable preparing projects will permit representatives to offer first client


administration, while additionally keeping a sharp spotlight on the large target of brand




A further upper hand can be picked up by producing a real label picture that is effectively


unmistakable by the overall population. An active image will guarantee that the brand is seen as


the initial decision for purchasers when a repair to their cell phone is required. Moreover, this is


relied upon to create a high measure of verbal promoting that will advance enhance the brand's


picture inside the group. THE GREEN SHOP 6 Social duty is three-pronged: moral, selfless and vital. The essential hypothesis in every


example is to regard esteem and make no mischief to your commercial center, your work


environment, group or nature. While one and only of the prongs, key, is intended to manufacture


benefits, thinks about demonstrate that every one of them can and frequently do profit eateries by


making a positive work climate, alluring exposure and a good notoriety.


Moral, social duty includes activities like paying laborers a reasonable wage and


purchasing grass-nourished hamburger from a neighborhood cultivate despite the fact that it


costs you more than experiencing a national supplier. Philanthropic exercises incorporate giving


merchandise, administrations or cash without compensating for any shortfall by paying


representatives less or charging clients more. You just give in the interest of your eatery without


any strings appended to projects that advantage region inhabitants, for example, purchasing baby


auto seats for the neighborhood healing facility to loan to unseasoned parents.


Client First: Customers are our need. We will dependably attempt to guarantee that the


consumer stays fulfilled by our items and administration. We will endeavor to determine


customer issues and questions at the most punctual. For us, clients are the most important.


Differences: We will energize and advance different qualities in our work environment.


We will support contracting of representatives from various societies, ethnic foundation and


countries to make our work environment a positive impression of the worldwide community.


By actualizing an extensive key arrangement, Green Shop Company tries to accomplish a


primary position in the cell phone repair industry. The organization can impart its center qualities


by compressing them with a dream and statement of purpose. These brief explanations go about


as the controlling power for central leadership among officials, administrators, and workers.


They are likewise a medium for portraying the center estimations of shareholders. The substance THE GREEN SHOP


of the arrangement will be the main fundamental impetus for the general heading of the


association. Once executed, the key arrangement will help in the organization's prospects for


development, increment esteem for shareholders, and give leverage over key contenders. 7 THE GREEN SHOP 8 Ewing, J. (2011, 02). HOW TO develop your company's mission. Green Industry Pro, 9, 4-7.


Retrieved from


Unique selling points or unique selling proposition. (2011). In Business: The ultimate resource.


London, United Kingdom: A&C Black. Retrieved from




Carneiro, E., Costa, M. A., & Mário, M. N. (2011). Petrobras' study of publics: A step towards


achieving the company's strategic vision for 2020. Corporate Communications, 16(3),


192-203. doi:


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