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(solution) Sir i do request you to help me on working, however, your working

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Given Grace's recent online shopping behavior, is buying a toaster still a lowinvolvement process for her or has her increased information search turned this


decision into an extended problem-solving situation?


As per the given case study, Grace is fully satisfied with the given online products


information. She preferred online shopping only when she looked many options, there were


number of collections, different types of brands, even allowed her to make preferable taste,


she could check as per her requirements and expected product as well. Toaster product, she


chosen because she found Dualit two-slice toaster and she loved this toaster and it was her


requirement. She also loved that she has got an offer of free shipping. She wants to visit


Google's and again and again because she thinks it has long list and she can


purchase a different number of products even she decided to check these sites regularly to see


what she was missing, Rudolph, Stacey (July 25, 2015).


She less preferred to use the low-involvement offline thoughts because she thought


people like; her friends and relatives couldn't give as many as choices as Google's list and


other online sites and their reviews are also broader than offline low-involvement and these


sites have also showed many choices as well as they have latest brands and considered hightechnology to show the list of brands, consumers can check number of different products,


there is no bound they can explore as much as they want, they are allowed to customize their


search, and they can get their products at home, and many more services which have


impressed Grace.


Therefore, Grace think that online preferences have increased her interest and she is


now more excited to purchase more products in future even if a consumer discovers a new


product category or wants to buy a product he does not know well and/or is particularly


expensive and/or which present a significant risk regarding his economical or psychological


point of view but internet has solved all such kind of problems for consumer. There is no 1 Topic


longer need for consumers to worry more because his ?experience? will get update once he


will try to search here and will give more decision-making criteria to make their choice like;


Grace has no preference for a brand or a specific product but the level of presentation and


approach to attract consumers has helped to increase her involvement and made it high. Now,


she is happy and would like to invest a lot of time looking for information and set online


benchmark to make her future product choices. It has also removed the level of uncertainty


and confusion about the choice of product and consumers reviews helped to select the


particular brand and has also removed long traditional purchase process. Hence, this is the


example of extended problem-solving situation, Peter, Paul J. and Olson, Jerry C. 2 Topic


Has the internet made it easier or harder for consumers to conduct an information


search during the consumer decision-making process? Explain your answer.


In can say, it?s true internet services and market has made it easy for consumers to get


high information and can make relevant decisions in favour of ourselves. Consumers are now


able to get all type of products information including different brands, choices, and reviews


as well. Consumers are able to check all the details about products including its each


specification and can match their requirements. Internet help them to get all the relevant


information on free-of-cost and now, they get all the information as per their search and can


make their own decision based on the information they get.


Internet has also considered to include relevant source of information so that people


can go to those sources and can check the details about product. Many sites provide


information about and don?t think to include fake information because they want their


customer back. Therefore, it has influenced decision-making process as well even Grace had


thought of looking for shopping information online before. She started loving all the


information she had get and she never assumed that she would get such kind of relevant


information online for her own small toaster purchasing decision but now, she was able to do


it. Her criteria has included to access the brands, the number of slices it could toast, the


prices, and even se was able to check the reviews for each type of toaster product and within


45 minutes she was able to order a product even before that she never checked anything


online but in 45 minutes she was able to learn and explore different kind of toaster products


and finally, ordered one. So, I can say, internet has made it easier for consumers to conduct an


information search during the consumer decision-making process, Peter, Paul J. and Olson,


Jerry C. 3 Topic


Are online consumers reviews a trustworthy source of information? Why or Why not?


What might motivate someone to write an online review for other read?


Internet offers sufficient amount of information for consumers to trust because many


internet sites are doing interaction with consumers using virtual system and they do love to


retain their consumers because they know they might convince a consumer for once using


fake information but not long-term. At the other end, consumers have been continuously


involved in searching legal sources and these legal resources are like; Google's site,, and many other consumer product selling websites which have consumer


traffic and consumer love to purchase products.


For instance, when Grace knew about and Google?s great list of


consumer directory information, she loved these sites and able to check these sites regularly


to see what she was missing. These sites has also included the number of consumer reviews


and it might be possible site is wrong but consumer would be correct as people don't like to


make dishonest comment until they haven?t experienced. Therefore, Internet offers both hightech and low involvement consumers with wealth of shopping information which can be


accessed easily and quickly and consumer less prefer to go for offline trust. For example;


Grace's motivation to search for information offline (via friends, salespeople or personal


observation in stores) remained very low, while her online behaviour showed a highly


motivated individual she was willing to search for and process information about her toaster




The Internet changes this old equation of limited search option and less trustworthy


options even internet based sites are now like to assure consumer their information is correct


and relevant enough to make purchase and attracts and changed consumer behaviour. Search


engines and directories like; Google offer consumers in the limited and extended decision


making situations, a quick, cheap, efficient way to search through vast amounts of 4 Topic


information but in most, they do like to show relevant and trustworthy information as they


want to focus on consumer retention, Peter, Paul J. and Olson, Jerry C.


While sites like, offer specific consumer purchasing related


information, therefore, Internet is able to supply highly organised, relevant, and trustworthy


information to consumers. The old cost versus benefit analysis once applied to searching for


information has become less relevant in the Internet economy. For markets, and online sites,


it is important to understand consumers? requirements and the way they can attract consumers


like; to show latest statistics and trends, they should think to include more consumer reviews,


they should show consumer more recommendation which could help them to choose out of


many available options.


Most of the consumers do like to read reviews before making any purchase, they


prefer product purchase only after their pre-research on the product and it?s all reviews that


help them to increase the chances of particular purchase choice. Consumers like to spend


more than 30% of their time in looking into the excellent reviews while 72% says that


positive reviews make them trust on product and they may like to purchase the product.


Reliability factor work for 27%, expertise 21%, and professionalism attracts consumers 18%


while 80% above people don't like to purchase product if it has low and negative reviews. In


today?s online shopping, many sites like; Amazon offers to show many reviews and ratings to


consumers where they can check products detail and can allow themselves to make purchase.


Most of the e-commerce consider to include product brief specification and different side


poses of the product so that consumer can easily think that they should purchase this product


or not and can compare the product as well using many customized options. Hence,


information really matters to consumers? choice and most of the online purchase influence


through online sources of information which consumer like to consider for their final


decision, The Consumer Factor. 5 Topic References


The Consumer Factor. Available at:




Available at:


Rudolph, Stacey (July 25, 2015). The Impact of Online Reviews on Customers? Buying


Decisions [Infographic]. Available at: 6


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