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(solution) Attached is the outline and directions for the course project.

Attached is the outline and directions for the course project. and my proposal. Can you please complete the course project as a whole.

1 Running head: AKARIA?S BEAUTY BAR Akaria's Beauty Bar


Akaria Babbs


Devry University AKARIA?S BEAUTY BAR 2 Introduction


The company that is going to be introduced would have a sole proprietorship


business form. It would offer various services in health and beauty area. The name of the business


would be Akaria's Beauty Bar and it would be a beauty salon located in Illinois suburb.


1. Ownership and company structure.


As it was mentioned before, the company would be operated under a sole proprietorship


model that means that it would have only one owner that would take decisions regarding all profits


and responsible for potential loses.


The structure is going to be quite simple, too. Being a local business that could provide


services to specific number of people monthly, it doesn?t have huge production lines or complicated


supply chain. The business is going to employ up to 15 people: 5-7 beauty masters, two


receptionists, two technicians, two cleaning specialists, an SMM specialist, an accountant and a




Supply materials the Beauty Bar would need could be divided in two groups: beauty care


supply materials (lotions, creams, scissors, etc.) and details to maintain equipment?s normal


functioning (e.g. bath details). Since the volume of supply materials that are to be refilled is not big,


there is no need to hire a specialist that would be responsible specifically for that. At the growth


stage, the director could manage inventory supplies by communicating with beauty masters and




2. Describe the business, product, or service.


Being a beauty salon, Akaria?s Beauty Bar would provide a set of different services


involving hair, nails, skin and body care procedures. Generally speaking, it would provide a


standard group of options a typical beauty salon usually provides.


However, one more important detail should be introduced. In order to make the business


profitable and make it survive during the stage of growth, it should retain many clients that could AKARIA?S BEAUTY BAR 3 generate much income. That could be achieved by using a different business model which could be


a tool against the main competitors. The company is going to create an environment where clients


could enter into a social community. A bar is a place where you can relax and chat with other people


after work. A Beauty Bar is a place where you can do that making your body more beautiful at the


same time.


3. Write your mission statement.


The Akaria?s Beauty Bar mission is to deliver a perfect look to client?s body and soul. The


company is going to make its clients look better physically and psychologically. The company


would not be limited to providing services to customers; it would give them the value they lack for


making them happy.


4. Provide your marketing goals. The marketing goals must be specific, measurable,


actionable, realistic, and time bound.


In order to be able to predict financial results and evaluate the efficiency of selected business


model in the future, several marketing goals should be established. That would allow set some


specific milestones to give the business the right direction.


Akaria?s Beauty Bar is going to retain 6570 clients during the first year (18 clients per day)


making the client number double in the next five years.


Being a social-oriented business, the company would also retain 250 clients as regular


visitors that would be Beauty Bar social community members.


5. Discuss who a typical customer might be.


Typical customer for Akaria?s Beauty Bar is a middle-aged woman from Illinois suburb. She


is probably married and has a middle level of income. However, she is quite busy and has not so


much time for social activities. She would be able to relax while taking various procedures and at


the same time could meet with people that also have a problem with time for communicating with AKARIA?S BEAUTY BAR


other people. However, it should be mentioned that the company would focus both on men and


women as their clients. 4 AKARIA?S BEAUTY BAR 5


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