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Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and assign resources and cost by using a project management tool. As the Project manager, you have been assigned a project to deploy ten (10) wireless access points in your company?s warehouse and break room within the next ninety (90) days. You are free to make assumptions that satisfy the scope of the project such as training, wiring, consulting efforts, etc.

Your submission will be made in .mpp or .xls format and will be graded on the accuracy of your work package assumptions and duration estimates.

In your assignment, address the following:

Create 15 or more decomposed work packages into 4 levels that are assigned to 5 or more main tasks (75 line items).

Ensure the main WBS tasks headings are the 5 PMBOK® process areas.

Create a Work Breakdown Structure Code for each task.

Determine an overall project duration and duration estimates for each of the tasks. The duration is not to exceed 90 days.

Create accurate work package assumptions and duration estimates.

Include 7 resources assigned in the Resource Sheet as ?Work? types and 3 resources assigned as ?Material? types.

Ensure the Resources are paid no more than $30/hour and that the ?Material? cost per use will not exceed $50.

Include your resources and materials from the Resource Sheet in the task sheet.

Create 10 dependencies in the Task Sheet.

Running Head: Work Breakdown Structure Project Management: WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE




Project plan is an important aspect as it enhanced planned interventions which form the basis of


the deployment process. The plan will prevent such issues as confusion and poor achievement of


the project goal. The plan enhances acquisition of right resources required in the project work


and development of strategies to be integrated into the project work. Moreover, it serves to provide an estimate budget against which variations in the costs are measured. The plan also establishes an estimation of completion time under which variations in the schedule can be measured.


The function of project management in the process involves planning for different resources, labor and time. According to Munns and Bjeirmi (1996) ?Project management can be defined as


the process of controlling the achievement of the project objectives. Utilizing the existing organizational structures and resources, it seeks to manage the project by applying a collection of tools


and techniques. ?


The project involves planning for deployment of 10 wireless access points in the companies


warehouse and break room in a maximum of 90 days. The project has employed the use of Running Head: Work Breakdown Structure Microsoft project management software as the main computer program being utilized for the


purpose of planning. Any variation from the plan will call for immediate intervention or change


of the approaches used in the plan.


Project Plan


The project has been subdivided into smaller phases most of which will require completion of


some phases before they commence. The project has been subdivided into 15 work packages organized into 4 or more levels. The major sections have then been subdivided into smaller units


that will enable completion of project at the estimated time, under the set budget and with the use


of the available resources.


The project plan has been developed solely as a detailed timeline or schedule showing: all the


tasks required in order to successfully complete the project, individuals allocated to these tasks


and milestones and key dates for completion of each task and more so for the whole project. The


work has been scheduled to take place in a maximum of 90 days (720hrs) where the individuals


will be working for around 8 hours a day.


Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)


The work packages include:


1. Phase I: Preparation for installation


1.1. Identify Locations for Access Points - Identification of more than 10 areas where possible access points can be installed. Best choices should then be selected from the range to


ensure maximum coverage for both company?s warehouse and break room. Running Head: Work Breakdown Structure 1.2. Acquisition of resources and labor ? resources to be used for the project should be identified and all relevant acquisitions made.


1.3. Distribution of resources to respective locations. 2. Phase II: Installation


2.1. Hardware installation


2.2. Software installation


2.3. Setting up network connections.


2.4. Internet connectivity


2.5. Configure and Install Access Points


2.6. Install the distribution system 3. Phase III: Testing


3.1. Error identification


3.2. Correction and verification


3.3. Patching and painting 4. Phase IV: Implementation


4.1. Document the installation Running Head: Work Breakdown Structure 4.2. Training


4.3. Project completion Conclusion Running Head: Work Breakdown Structure Project management is an important aspect while conducting project activities as it enables planning for time, costs and resources to be used under different phases of the project. It also allows


for risk management as project planners will be able to monitor and make predictions before


commencing on a particular task. Project management has been applied distinctively among organizations so as to ensure that companies maximize competitiveness and performance.




Munns, A.K., Bjeirmi, B.F. (1996). The role of project management in achieving project


success. International journal of project management, 14(2), 81-87.


Newbold, R.C. (1998) Project management in the fast lane: applying the theory of


constraints, St. Lucie Press, Boca Raton, Fla.


Stelth, P., & Le Roy, G. (2009). Projects? analysis through CPM (critical path method). School


of Doctoral studies (European Union) Journal, 1, 42.


Tolentino Pena, R. A. (2009). Project management: a simulation-based optimization method


for dynamic time-cost tradeoff decisions.


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