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(solution) CS141 programming II (java) Assignment 1 Chapter 9 -Interface,

the assignment is attached  plz answer all the questions 

CS141 programming II (java) Assignment 1


Chapter 9 ?Interface, polymorphism


Chapter 10 - Inheritance


Assignment 1 worth 5 points (50/10). Due on Sunday 16/10/2016. Will deduct 1


point for each day late. Copying each other work will result in giving 0 to both. Q1. Explain why and give examples. ?In OO programming Polymorphism is only


possible when using Interface or Inheritance? . (5 points) Q2. Can we create an object of type Interface? Explain your answer. (5 points) Q3. Complete the following code, and run to demonstrate the use of Interface. (10


points) The main class tester is given to you, complete the code in the Interface and the two




Notice when coding Interface using Eclipse choose New Interface, NOT New Class


Here is a sample Run:








Return 0.0






0.25 public class chapt9Tester {


of the code // the tester is complete, just run it after you finish the rest public static void main(String args) { // create two bankaccount objects a1 using constructor without parameters, and


object a2 using constructor with parameter sending it the amount 2000.50


BankAccount a1 = new BankAccount();


BankAccount a2 = new BankAccount(2000.50);


// create two coin objects c1 using constructor without parameters and c2 using


constructor and sending 0.25 and "Quarter"


Coin c1 = new Coin();


Coin c2 = new Coin(0.25, "Quarter");


// now create an array of 4 elements of type Measurable and load it with the 4


objects that you just created


Measurable marr = { a1, a2, c1, c2 };


for ( int i=0; i< marr.length; i++) {


double r = marr[i].getMeasure();


differently depending on the object that called it // getMeasure() will behave System.out.println("Return " + r);




// notice that a variable of type Measure marr can refer to BankAccount


object or Coin object without casting.


// however it can only call the methods that are declared in the Measure




} }


// This is the Interface complete the missing code, (if you use Eclipse: click on File -> New ->


Interface )


public _______________ Measurable {


double getMeasure();


} // BankAccount class will use the interface


public class BankAccount ___________________ Measurable{


private double balance;


public BankAccount(double amt) { //constructor with parameter balance = amt;




public BankAccount() { //constructor without parameter, set balance to 0






public void deposit(double amt){


balance = balance + amt;




public void withdraw(double amt){


balance = balance - amt;






public double getMeasure() {


return balance;




} // Coin class will use the same interface


public class Coin ________________ ____________________ {


private double value = 1;


private String name = "Dollar"; public Coin(double v, String n){ // constructor with two parameters value = v;


name = n;




public _______________ { // constructor without parameters value = 1;




} // implement the interface method getMeasure here public _________ ___________________ {


return value;




} Q4. What is the output of the following code: (10 points)


public class InheritanceTester {


public static void main(String args) {


MySubClass mysub = new MySubClass();








public class MySubClass extends MySuperClass{


public MySubClass()


{ called..");


} System.out.println("Subclass constructor has been }


public class MySuperClass {


public MySuperClass()




System.out.println("Superclass constructor has been






public String myMethod()




return "Superclass method has been called";




} Q5. Consider the following problem description and write java code: (20 points) A company need to store its employees information. Each employee has an id,


name, date of birth, phone number and salary. Using the diagram, write your java


classes that shows the inheritance between these classes, and consider the




1. Class employee has a method work() which returns the statement ?I am an




2. Class employee overrides toString() method to return the employee


information. Or if you don?t what to override toString() you can write your


own method to return the employee info. (both ways are accepted)


3. Each subclass should overrides the method work() to return its work. You


need to call work() of the superclass. For example:


Method work() in executive class should returns:


I am an employee.. I work as an executive. So in each subclass work() method first call it?s


parent work() method by using super. Which will


return ?I am an employee ..? and then add the child


own details. in this example ?I work as an




4. Implement the main class Company which constructs objects from the 3


subclasses, and test all of their methods.


Sample Run will result in:


I am an employee.. I work as an executive.


My ID is: 1234567890


My Name is: John Smith


My Date of Birth is: 1-1-1981


My phone is: 555-555-12345


My Salary is: 12,000


I am an employee.. I work as a Software Engineer.


My ID is: 0987654321


My Name is: Jane Doe


My Date of Birth is: 1-1-1988


My phone is: 555-555-12345


My Salary is: 10,000


I am an employee.. I work as a Software Manager.


My ID is: 9988776655


My Name is: Joe Green


My Date of Birth is: 1-1-1978


My phone is: 555-555-12345


My Salary is: 11,000


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