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(solution) BU1104/BU1804 Small Business Workbook 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR TASK

Hello please see the question as attached, you are only required to choose two topics from the list as above

Please see task 1 and read the introduction to understand our hostel business

I have included the slides so you can choose two topics which u think it's the most suitable for our business

Just note that u have to apply theories in the slide in your topic (State) and take outside reference (Explain) and finally apply it to our business (Illustrate)

BU1104/BU1804 Small Business Workbook 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR TASK 2


1. Use the same small business you described in Task 1.


2. Copy from Task 1 the details of the Small Business Profile.


3. For Task 2 you will select four (4) topics from the list provided in Workbook 2 which are


drawn from lectures 6-10 inclusive. As you are working in pairs, both of you have to decide


which 2 topics out of the 4 that each of you should attempt.


4. For each of the chosen topics you are to write 350 words explaining how you can best


apply the topic to your business achieving sustainable success. Choose each topic carefully


for both parts ensuring that you use references to support your reasoning.


5. The presentation format in addressing your chosen topics is to:




STATE: the specific theory concept approach that is required




EXPLAIN: give a brief explanation of that concept and theory




ILLUSTRATE: demonstrate the application of the topic to your business (expand)


You'll need to use a minimum of TWO (2) references per topic using APA referencing format


in the Reference list.


Submission and return of assessment


The ability to adhere to deadlines is a highly desirable attribute that employers seek in our


graduates. Right from the beginning, new students should acquire the habit of meeting


deadlines for their work, by organising their study time appropriately. The following points


apply to the submission of assessment:




Extensions will be granted in cases of illness or personal issues (medical


certificate/counsellor?s statement required). It is at the discretion of the subject coordinator/lecturer that extensions will be granted for inescapable, unexpected, documented


work commitments (provide documentation). You should contact your lecturer before the


due date if you are likely to require an extension.




Where no prior extension has been approved, late submissions will incur a penalty of


5% per day or part thereof. Weekends are treated as a single full day because university


buildings are not usually accessible of over the weekend to allow for submission. Assessment


tasks will generally not be graded after 14 days past the due date.




**Do not hand in the question paper ? hand in only the answers ? that is the


description of your small business and the 4 topics. Also ensure that you have the business


school cover sheet as the first page and the peer evaluation form at the end of your






Assignments must be submitted in the following way:


To a Safe Assignment drop box on the subject site, LearnJCU. While the assignment is done in


pairs, only one member of the pair needs to lodge the assignment on Safe Assign.




Ensure that you have both of your first names on each page of the assignment.




Save your document in a pdf and label it as John_Ben Tutorial A or Ann_Lian Tutorial




Attach the business school cover page (found in assessment folder of LearnJCU


website) as the first page, your assignment and then the peer evaluation form (which can be


found on LearnJCU website in assessment folder).




The second assignment is due on 22 September Thurs of Week 9 by 12 noon.




The assessment will be returned with feedback within 14 days of submission after


the due date. BU1104/BU1804 Small Business Workbook 2 Start your assignment from this section onwards and hand in from this section




Small Business Profile (use the same business profile that you have created in


Assignment 1)


Name of Small Business


Type of business (in some details)


Location (name other surrounding businesses in this location)


Number of staff and position


The description of your small business above should be at least half a page to one page.


Assessment 2 Topics (Lectures 6-10 inclusive)


Choose any four (4) of the following topics by ticking the box. Topics are drawn from lectures


6-10 inclusive:


Setting SMART goals in planning


Types of management skills required


Business structure and strategy


Managing Planned and Unplanned Change


Developing an effective workforce


Job Design using JCM (Job Characteristics Model)


House?s Path Leadership Approach


Different types of controls


Topic 1 (350 words)


Topic 2 (350 words)


Topic 3 (350 words)


Topic 4 (350 words) Reference list for Task 2 in APA referencing style


(please note that all the references from the 4 topics should be combined on one sheet at the


end of the Topic 4)


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