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(solution) PERFORMANCE REVIEW PAPER Task: Write Bill Blizzards annual

Week 3, Paper 3: Performance Appraisal (10%)

Please review these instructions (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR INSTRUCTION) for this assignment. Then produce an approximately 500-word evaluation of Bill Blizzard?s performance  in a narrative format (no bullets), referring to the employee in the third person (as Bill and Mr. Blizzard, not as "you").  

Your effort will be graded on adherence to guidelines, content (including the presence of these required headings: ACCOMPLISHMENTS, STRENGTHS, AREAS NEEDING IMPROVEMENT, SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT, and PROMOTION POTENTIAL), and fairness to this employee and to you as his employer. Remember to document all successes AND failures using the FACT, QUANTITY, and IMPACT/RESULT of each significant success or shortcoming. 

NOTE:  For this ONE assignment, you are permitted (and encouraged) to make use of the phrasing supplied in the instructions. Consider the instructions as YOUR notes about YOUR employee, rather than merely instructions for a paper. So (for this paper ONLY) it is not plagiarism for you to write "Bill has been? (followed by a phrase or sentence that appears in the instructions).

Grading Criteria:

  • Narrative format (may include "created" corporate logo, if desired), single-spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs
  • Uses all required specific headings
  • Documents all strengths and weaknesses of Mr.Blizzard
  • Strengths section is well developed
  • Areas needing improvement section is well developed
  • Recommendations section is well developed
  • Focuses on the information needs of the audience
  • Positive, confident tone
  • Emphatic, concise, fluent sentences
  • No proofreading errors

Please submit your assignment as a Word .doc, .docx or .rtf attachment to your Assignment folder using the link below or through the Assignments gateway in the blue navbar. Your completed work is due by 3:59 p.m. ET Wednesday, Week 3. 



Task: Write Bill Blizzard?s annual performance review. Use a narrative. third person format


with the five headings specified below. Remember to keep the appraisal balanced. Include his


specific contributions to the mission, strengths, areas in need of attention, recommendations


for improvement, and potential for promotion.




You are the manager of the Client Support Division at Crystar Enterprises, a computer software


firm in Columbia, Maryland. One of your people, Bill Blizzard, a client support specialist, has


been with the firm and your division for one year and you are required to prepare his annual


performance review. At Crystar, such reviews follow a narrative, third person format with




action the employee can take to better fulfill the needs of the position and the company), and




Bill is a 28-year-old technical specialist with six years of computer experience, including the


year with your division. Because of re-structuring within Crystar almost immediately after his


arrival, Bill has had to handle more general customer support as well as technical problems. Bill


is outstanding (for his experience level) in his technical skills, and has a good "track record" as a


troubleshooter. Specifically, he developed a new trouble-shooting procedure guide that lets less


experienced workers spot problems and solve them in less than a third the time required


previously. In the past year, Bill has solved over 100 serious client application problems,


winning repeat business and sound customer relations with clients having large accounts.


However, Bill?s people skills remain marginal, despite specific discussions and goal-setting


sessions you have had with him each quarter of the past year. He attended one sensitivity training


class (one week) during the second quarter, but has made excuses for not attending the additional


people skills seminars you recommended in the last two quarterly reviews. Bill tends to become


frustrated when dealing with problems he feels clients should be able to solve on their own. His


attitude shows through when dealing with those clients; he is frequently brusque and impatient


with non-technical clients, many of who have complained to you about what they perceive as his




You hired Bill because of his technical skills and his potential to be groomed as a Client


Technical Support Branch manager, but you have been a bit disappointed in the lack of


flexibility he has shown so far. You still feel that Bill has very good potential, but that he will


need to redirect his priorities if he is to meet your expectations of him. Bill has strong organizational skills and is very good at time management. In some ways, his


attempts at efficiency may be alienating clients. He tends to want problems defined precisely so


he can diagnose them and resolve them quickly and efficiently. Several non-technical clients


have explained problems in such general terms that Bill has lost his patience and voiced his


frustration plainly.


Crystar is committed to excellent client support, but must use its down-sized, limited resources


wisely. Bill understands the company?s commitment and has tried to separate genuine problems


(those caused by defects in the product) from user -created problems caused by their particular


application or "customization" of the software, or their computer "illiteracy." His attempt to


control costs has alienated some clients who have threatened to seek other vendors unless they


have better support from Crystar. They have complained about his lack of responsiveness and his


unwillingness to solve what they perceive to be shortcomings in the software.


Write Bill?s performance review. Add any details you think appropriate but DON? T CHANGE


THE BASIC SITUATION. Provide specific guidance as to what Bill might do to improve his


performance and fulfill the potential you see in him.


Bill thinks he has been doing a conscientious job and will be surprised by any negative


comments in his review. To upset him might mean his resignation. However, despite three


quarterly reviews, Bill has continued to concentrate on the areas of his technical expertise rather


than developing the broader managerial and supervisory skills the company needs. Instead of


delegating major tasks, he has tried to solve all really challenging problems himself. He needs to


learn how to delegate responsibility and to oversee those who must carry out routine tasks.


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