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(solution) is this a good annotated bibliography if you see a mistake or

is this a good annotated bibliography if you see a mistake or something wrong you can edit and revised it along the way have to be only three sentence provided. 

APA style

                                                              Annotated Bibliography

Adrienne, W., Brenda, W. L., & K, L. L. (2006). Opposing Viewpoints in Context. In "Bill of Rights." Human and Civil Rights: Essential Primary Sources. Ed. (pp. 6-9). Detroit: Gale. The authors discuss the Constitution Bill of Rights and the meaning behind each Amendment. The standards are summarized and the terms are defined throughout the article and the author indicate how the Bill of Rights should be used for a trial. This is a helpful source for getting short but meaningful detentions of Constitution Bill of Rights.

Justice News | NSD | Department of Justice. (2010). Retrieved from Justice News article presents a bias speech from a general discussing the process of how a terrorist suspects   should be process and the steps provided to the terrorist suspects. The author uses logical arguments to support her/his ideas, which include validate persuasive facts to the audience. This source clearly demonstrates the techniques and tolls needed to process a terrorist and criminal suspect.

Senate Intelligence Committee. (2014). Study on the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program. This authors, researchers provide a study made recently in the year 2014 discussing how torturing techniques on terrorist suspects during an integration is not effective way to get information and questions.  They used examples and events occurs to defend their arguments. The research article was a helpful tool on explaining why is not an effective tool for getting information from a criminal or a terrorist suspect.

Siegel, L., & Worrall, J. (2016). Essentials of criminal justice. Stamford: Ct: Cengage Learning. This article acknowledged the criminal justice system process and the basic of terms of law enforcement The book is contribute only for people who are beginners in criminal justice system. The article is helpful source but it doesn?t mention the whole process of Miranda Warnings on Terrorist suspects.

Smith, B., & Damphousse, K. R. (2007). American Terrorism Study, 1980-2002 (ICPSR 4639). The authors provide a research study that was conducted in 2007 and discusses the steps that has to be made in an integration when a terrorist and a criminal suspect. The article is hard to understanding and have law language words that might be confusing. This source is helpful and show the steps in order with a definition next to the terms.

Stearns, K. (2016). criminal justice system process lectures retrieved from a paper point slides Stearns, K. states the Constitution Bill of Rights and history. The power point lectures shows /talks about the 5 & 6 amendment and who has the tight to be provided from the amendments. The presentation was a helpful source of knowing how a person rights is under the 5 & 6amendements. 

Terrorist Suspects Should Have a Right to Miranda Warnings." Criminal Justice. Ed.

Noël Merino. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2013. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. from

"Read Him His Rights." (7 June 2010). Opposing Viewpoints in Context. This article states the problem occurring in the world referring if terrorist should have Miranda Warnings as every individual. The author provided a bias and one side arguments for his benefits reasons. This source is helpful in finding an opposing viewpoint and getting ideas and information.

Annotated Bibliography


Adrienne, W., Brenda, W. L., & K, L. L. (2006). Opposing Viewpoints in Context. In "Bill of


Rights." Human and Civil Rights: Essential Primary Sources. Ed. (pp....


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