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(solution) FIN5CRM 2016 Semester Project Dr. D Jurdi FIN5CRM PROJECT

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FIN5CRM 2016 Semester Project Dr. D Jurdi FIN5CRM PROJECT 2015


Objective of the project







 Simulate a real world situation.


Evaluate and make important credit risk related decisions.


Apply your knowledge of credit risk to solve real problems faced by banks.


Gain insights into the profession whilst in the classroom.


Expand your knowledge base in the area of credit risk and credit derivatives.


Apply regulatory capital calculations and provide necessary explanations on adequate


capitalization. Background


CDSs are important instruments used by financial institutions to manage credit risk exposure. In this case


study, you will evaluate CDS and use information about specific transactions to calculate the probability


of default that First American Bank (FAB) may face in dealing with its clients.


In an additional application, you will calculate regulatory capital under Basel 3 by playing a scenario and


assuming that the dates of the financial statements provided is 2016 (See guiding question 3 for details).


This case study exposes you to various challenges faced by banks and to strategic decisions carried out by


top management in managing these challenges. You will work in groups, discuss the case, analyze various


developments and decisions and provide assessments and solutions. Most importantly, you will learn about


a real world case and hopefully have fun while learning.


Please read the case individually before you start discussing it, as this will enrich your discussions during


your meetings.


Guiding Questions


1- Evaluate the fee that the managing director of FAB should charge for the CDS.


2- How should the risk of a CEU default be managed? Should it be transferred from FAB?s balance




3- Consider the hypothetical scenario that the financial statements of FAB (Exhibits 1-3...) occur


after Basel 3 was implemented. That is, 2001 becomes 2016, 2000 becomes 2015 and 1999


becomes 2014. What are the regulatory requirements for credit risk that FAB should meet under


Basel 3? Address the CDS position as part of your answer.


4- Global citizenship is a new direction that is adopted by the financial services and banking


industry. Propose a one-page statement of global citizenship in 2016 for FAB after answering


question 3.


The solution for the case should be analytical as a number of outcomes may emerge. Your analysis is


expected to be supported by calculations carried out using an Excel sheet. Decisions made need to be


articulated clearly given your analysis and calculations. FIN5CRM 2016 Semester Project Dr. D Jurdi Groups


5 members per group unless an approval is provided for specific cases.


Learning Outcomes










 Demonstrate professional ability to apply knowledge and skills acquired in this subject.


Integrate and apply credit risk theories, concepts and models to a real world situation.


Demonstrate an understanding of strategies and tactics employed by financial institutions in


managing credit risk.


Evaluate critical scenarios faced by banks and develop solutions for problems therein.


Be critical thinkers and effective problem solvers.


Be able to work effectively in a team environment and communicate within an intercultural




Demonstrate ability expected from graduate students to conduct research.


Communicate research and project results by developing a group written report and presenting




Recognize ethical standards. Output


Written Report and Power Point Presentation.


Written Report


Executive report of 1800 words including addressing questions 1-4 (without appendices). The report is


submitted to the CRO and the BOD of FAB.


Use footnotes to make cross references to pages in Appendix A.


Additional requirements: Two appendices


Appendix A: Document details you wish to communicate including additional analysis, models, exhibits,


graphs, tables, calculations, estimation results.


Appendix B: Documents brief minutes of your meetings, mode of the meeting (Physical meeting or


online), decisions made, tasks allocated, tasks completed and by whom as well as a progress milestone. (A


maximum of one page per meeting signed by all who are present).


Please have a draft of meeting minutes during weekly lectures as well. Other Requirements:


Font: Times New Roman size 12


Double-spaced paragraphs with appropriate headers for sections and subsections.


APA referencing style ( FIN5CRM 2016 Semester Project Dr. D Jurdi Calculations:


Show detailed calculation steps in Appendix A. Submit an Excel sheet demonstrating these calculations.




Proper referencing is required to justify claims raised, support your analysis or add facts.


Oral presentation and Power Points:


An oral presentation lasting 10-15 minutes per group followed by a short Q & A. (All group members


must be present during the presentation).


4-5 slides maximum.


The schedule for the presentations will be released one week before the presentations day.


Due Date






La Trobe University Library (Extensive set of databases)


Bank of International Settlement Research Pages (


Other Information:


Groups are set on LMS and a discussion forum is provided for each group to facilitate your




Minutes of your meetings should be uploaded on weekly basis. (See the minutes document for information




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