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the question has uploaded, please answer these for me.

Religion Mid-Term


For each question, respond to ALL parts by composing an essay, including introductions and conclusions.


You MAY use your notes and texts to help you formulate your answers but ALL work must be your own.


All answers must be given in your own words as well. The goal of this, and any, exam is to be sure that


you understand this material. Being able to describe the key concepts and ideas in your own words is


key to showing this. The more specific and concrete you can be (i.e., ?Feuerbach believed that religion is


a form of projection for these reasons?.?not ?Feuerbach was an atheist and thought religion was bad?)


the better you?ll do.


TWO of the following three questions will be given in-class for your mid-term. You will choose ONE of


those to answer.


1. When reading St. Augustine?s Confessions, we spoke briefly about the story of St. Antony of


Egypt. Recall that Antony had been a wealthy man who was finding his comfortable life


dissatisfying, he was longing for something ?more.? One day in church, he heard this proclaimed


from the Gospel of Matthew: ?Jesus said to [a rich, young man who had come to him], ?If you


wish to be perfect, go, sell your possessions, and give the money to the poor, and you will have


treasure in heaven; then come, follow me?? (19:21). Antony had a profound sense that this


passage was speaking to him, that it explained why he found the emptiness he did in his wealthy


life. Therefore, he did as Jesus instructed the man in the story, sold everything, and became a


monk in the desert.


Craft an essay responding to both of the following. You are not expected to know anything


more about Antony?s story than what I say above to answer this question.


A. How would William Portier?s approach to religion help us make sense of this story?


Be sure to discuss the meaning and significance of extraordinary experience, its


connection to great questions and tradition, and how these categories may help us


understand why Antony did what he did.


B. This was a profound religious experience for St. Antony, but it was also a


particularly Christian one. Some would want to find similar experiences in other


traditions and argue that these prove that religions are fundamentally the same.


Discuss one reason why someone would want to make this argument and two


reasons why Stephen Prothero would find this to be a mistake. 2. St. Augustine was very interested with evil, its origins, and how it affected him personally. Using


this as the conversation point, respond to ALL of the following in a well-written essay.


a. The people who wrote our ?What is Theology?? reading would say that Augustine?s


long, complex grappling with this issue makes it a matter of theology and not simply


belief. What do they mean by that?


b. What does Augustine see as the connection between desire and moral evil? How can


our desire become sources of good and not evil for him? Be sure to explain the ?levels


of reality? view that we talked about from the Platonists to answer this part. c. Using concrete examples, explain what the four sources of theology are and one way in


which Augustine engaged with each of them in his exploration of the question of evil.


3. We have spent several weeks talking about the goodness of creation. Many would argue that


this requires an ?ethic of care for creation? from us. The two pivotal assumptions of this ethic


are that all creation is good and therefore to be respected, and that all creation is vulnerable


and so needs to be treated with respect of limits and love. With these ideas in mind, respond to


both a.) and b.):


a. Discuss three ways in which the FIRST creation account in the Book of Genesis counters


the Enuma Elish of ancient Babylon. How do these differences help highlight the


goodness of what God has made and how it is to be treated in Genesis? Be sure that all


your examples clearly demonstrate what this has to do with the goodness or lack of


goodness of creation, and not simply something that?s dissimilar in the texts.


b. Choose TWO of the following. Discuss how points made in these readings can either


help to further the ?ethic of care? or show where a concern for such an ethic may be




i. James Martin on chastity (Be sure to give at least one of his definitions of


chastity and how they factor into an ethic of care. It may be helpful to use an


example from the text to clarify this.)


ii. Donna Frietas on hook-up and rape cultures (Be sure to discuss the gender


double standard and how that makes an ethic of care more difficult, again using


a specific example from the text.)


iii. Pope Francis? encyclical (be sure to discuss a major problem he sees as well as


how an ethic of care can overcome it.)


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