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(solution) Need help with 10 questions. Please follow the rule because the

Need help with 10 questions.  Please follow the rule because the answer will be checked with Turniti.  


Students should use the concepts of organizations behavior and operations management as indicated and


suggested in each question. Use theories and concepts from your textbook. In addition, use examples


from textbook or organizations.


Maximum word limit is 500 words for each question. Minimum is 300.


Paraphrase the information (put it in your own words. Of course, the names of specific concepts and


theories may not be changed. Keep in mind the academic policy regarding plagiarism.


Organization Behavior


Q.1. Discuss the effects of diversity within a group (team) on its performance and provide an example.


Q.2. Discuss theories that indicate why and how people seek consistency among their attitudes and their


behavior by reducing cognitive dissonance. Then, provide an example and sort your example into the


three main components of attitudes.


Q.3. Andrew is a software tester. He runs through the same types of programs day after day looking for


bugs and reporting them. He is taking night classes on programming. Often, he knows the best solution


to many of the bugs, but he is still learning to code. Describe two job characteristics that Andrew is


striving to improve, and explain two ways that Andrew's manager can redesign his current job to help


him reach his goals.


Q.4 Nora Elm is a newly appointed HR manager at Seven Oaks, a famous PR firm that is not doing too


well at present. As she assumed the post of the HR manager, everyone impressed upon her the need to


energize the employees and motivate them to give their best to the job. After she met with the employees


and managers, she felt that many employees were demotivated because they had attained their maximum


potential in the current job roles. Additionally, she felt that though the management believed strongly in


its employee-friendly nature, this nature was not manifested in its actions. Employees had begun to


mimic the management's action of attributing the lack of any constructive change to company policies.


Describe two changes that Nora should propose at the meeting with a rationale for each. Provide


information to substantiate the need for these changes and potential positive consequences.


Q.5. Discuss types of leadership and their potential advantages and disadvantages. Give an example for


the type of leadership to personally prefer, and explain why it is your preferred leadership theory.


Q.6. What can managers do to manage conflicts effectively in their organizations? Provide conflict


management and conflict resolution theories. Also illustrate with the help of conflict management


process or conflict resolution strategies.


Q.7. Product strategy may focus on developing a competitive advantage via differentiation, low cost,


rapid response, or a combination of these. Do you agree with the statement? Why or why not? Explain


first with theories and concepts, then with the help of examples.


Q.8 A refrigeration and heating company?one that installs and repairs home central air and heating


systems?has asked your advice on how to analyze their service quality. They have logged customer complaints. Here's a recent sampling. Use the supplied template to construct a conventional cause-andeffect diagram. Place each of the complaints onto a main cause; justify your choice with a brief


comment as necessary. 1. "I was overcharged?your labor rates are too high." 2. "The repairman left trash


where he was working." 3. "You weren't here when you said you would be. You should call when you


must be late." 4. "Your repairman smoked in my house."5. "The part you installed is not as good as the


factory original." 6. "Your repairman was here for over two hours, but he wasn't taking his work


seriously."7. "You didn't tighten some of the fittings properly?the system's leaking." 8. "Your estimate of


repair costs was WAY off." 9. "I called you to do an annual inspection, but you've done more?work that I


didn't authorize."10. "Your mechanic is just changing parts?he doesn't have a clue what's really wrong."


11. "Your bill has only a total?I wanted to see detail billing." 12. "Your testing equipment isn't very


new?are you sure you've diagnosed the problem?"13. "One of the workmen tracked mud into my living


room." Q.9 As the corporate and operations management strategies vary from low cost to response to


differentiation, how does this impact the supply chain management strategy for any organization?


Explain first with theories and concepts and then with the help of an example.


Q.10 The operations manager performs the management activities of planning, organizing, staffing,


leading, and controlling of the OM function. Do you agree or disagree with the statement. Explain with


theories and concepts, then with the help of an example. IMPORTANT: Check for your report detailing what percentage of your paper has been previously submitted.


Anything over 10% Turnitin will result in automatic point deductions, but anything (no matter what % shows) that does not follow acceptable documentation and citation practices will result in grade


deductions. Correct sentence structure, grammar and spelling are expected on test submitted for a grade. (Note:


Do not copy questions in your word file to avoid Turnitin issues. Just put Q1 . . . Q10.


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