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(solution) Hi, these are the questions for the exam. I have to submit it by

Hi, these are the questions for the exam. 

I have to submit it by tonight at 12. 

Is this ok for you and are you gonna make it?

IS 6005 Fall 2015 FINAL EXAM


There are five questions for you to answer for the final exam. Your answers must be


detailed, complete and address all facets of the issue raised in the question. You may use your


textbook, websites or any other sources you choose. You must support your answers with


evidence from the text, readings and other sources you can find. Remember, you must provide


your answer. You will have one week to complete the test. I have to turn grades in so I will not


accept any tests after midnight on May 4, 2015. You are free to use your creativity in answering


the questions. Please submit all responses to the appropriate assignment tab on the course


Blackboard site and label the file with your last name and final exam (e.g. rossifinaleaxam.doc or


.docx or .pdf). Good luck.




(25 Points) Choose a type of organization (a generic company in an industry of your


choice, e.g. automobile manufacturing factory, governmental activity, major e-business, etc.) and


describe an appropriate enterprise system to support that type of organization. Choose a type of


enterprise system and describe it in depth and detail. What is it intended to do (what type of


business processes does it support), how does it function, etc. Provide some examples of that


type of enterprise systems available. Finally, describe what challenges are presented to its users.


Make sure you ground (support) your answers with relevant citations from the literature used in


the course.




(25 Points) Describe in detail IT governance and how and why governance decisions and


strategies are developed. Include issues related to the type of organization, IT control issues


(centralized/decentralized/hybrid), industry impacts and organizational maturity in relationship to


its IT. Make sure you ground (support) your answers with relevant citations from the literature


used in the course.




(25 Points) Describe in detail a process for developing IT strategy; make sure you address


traditional strategic planning processes (SWOT, etc.) and how environmental scans can assist in


IT related strategies and decision-making. In looking at the outcomes of IT strategy, describe the


process for using change management techniques and strategies to overcome resistance to new


technology or a change in the current technology. Make sure you ground (support) your answers


with relevant citations from the literature used in the course.




(25 Points) Describe what in your opinion the greatest security threat to an organization


is, and how it can be mitigated or controlled. In the same vain, what is or are the primary ethical


issues facing organizations in the use of corporate IT/IS resources. Make sure you ground


(support) your answers with relevant citations from the literature used in the course.




(25 Points) When we discussed enterprise systems in class, one of the types we briefly


discussed were Knowledge Management Systems and Knowledge Management (you may have


to do a quick Google search on KM and KM systems). Briefly explain what KM is and how KM


is supposed to work in organizations. Additionally, when we look at collaboration (a key to KM),


we have seen social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar sites allow people to


communicate, share, and keep in touch with each other and groups over large distances. Discuss how these types of social networks could be used as a knowledge-sharing tool within a KM


program. I am not looking for their use in marketing or customer outreach. What I am looking


for is your opinion on how these kinds of sites might be used in place of more expensive KM


systems or as a means of complimenting an organizational KM system or program.


Team Member Evaluation (50 Points)


Team participation is an important element of any graduate course. Fill in the LAST


name of each of your teammates in the table, below, and assign them a grade from 1-50 points as


your assessment of the quality of their participation in the team?s work. (Student will receive the


average of all scores assigned by their teammates). Submit this form as a separate submission on


the Blackboard Assignment Tab with you last name and ?teameval? as a file title (e.g. rossiteameval.doc or docx).


Team member Award 0-10 points in each box -> Contributed


to the team


product Participated


in all team


activities Delivered




work on time Took a




role or




team leaders Was




of team


mates Total




awarded 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-10 (0-50) 1.










6. Figure 1. Team participation ratings


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