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(solution) CMST 290 Final Exam Instructions for Final Exam: 1. You need to

CMST 290 Final Exam

Instructions for Final Exam:

1. You need to answer total of 5 Essay out of 8 Essay Questions. (If you answer more than 5 questions in your final submission; only first 5 questions will be assessed and grades will be based on your first five questions.)

2. Each essay is worth 20 points. So, total of 100 pts for 5 Essays! The exam is worth 20% of your final grade. Be sure you organize your response covering all the aspects of the question.

3. Each essay is required to be 500-525 words. Essay responses that are shorter or longer will receive deductions based on how many words over or under (the farther from the designated length, the higher the deduction). Direct quotes do not count toward the word total. Please keep direct quotes to a minimum.

4. Cite your sources using APA format. Each essay is required to have at least ONE citation placed IN THE BODY of the essay and (2) a list of references of the citations and sources used in the essay posted at the end of EACH essay.
UMUC has a good online APA guide:

5. Format: Open Book and Open Notes. Please do NOT reword the questions to suit your answer :).

6. This exam is **not** a group project. Your answers should be yours alone.

7. Use at least ONE scholarly or reliable source in EACH essay (not including Wikipedia,,,,,,, or similar web sites). Examples of scholarly sources include: our course textbooks, our course modules, other textbooks, design books, journal articles, trade magazines, and conference proceedings. Note: "Personal communications (e.g. Twitter or Blogs)" are not considered scholarly sources.

8. Please spell-check your work.

You may use Discussions, readings, textbook and projects for completion of this exam. However, you must cite any resources used in your essays.

Once completed, please upload the Word or PDF document to the assignment folder for grading. Your paper must be named as:
FirstName_LastName_FinalExam.doc (docx or pdf).
Example: Joe_Smith_FinalExam.doc (docx) or Joe_Smith_FinalExam.pdf

Essay Questions Grading Rubric


What does this mean?


Essay Question Content

The question contains minimum 600 words and applicable references

8 pts


The quality, context and relevancy of your answer

  7 pts

Selection of Appropriate Reference

Answers contain references where applicable

1.5 pts

APA-formatted References

Answers contain applicable references formatted correctly in APA format using a References page.

1.5 pt


Answers are free of spelling, grammatical, and mechanical errors. Answer is presented in a professional manner suitable for a professional environment

2 pts

Please make sure to submit before due date. Late submissions will not be accepted unless you have a valid, documented, approved excuse.

  1. What is Server Side and Client Side scripting? Explain the differences between server-side and client ? side scripting languages. Please provide 3 advantages and disadvantages of each. Please include appropriate details and examples with applicable references in APA style.
  2. In this course we have learned about different types of databases. For this question, please describe how you would implement a database for a game, an application or a website based on what you have learned in the discussions. This essay should include not only the implementation of a database (fields, tables, etc) but also what kind of database and scripting language to execute the game, application or website. Please provide applicable references in APA style.
  3. In this course, we have reviewed various scripting languages, worked in developing programs using Python in the textbook and for project assignments, and researched good and bad interaction design. Logic is a key factor in laying out the processes for programming a game/application/website. Explain why logic plays an important role while writing programs/applications (include examples as needed).
  4. One of your colleagues who is not familiar with Interaction Design. Describe and explain concept of Interaction design to him or her. Please include appropriate details and examples with applicable references in APA style.
  5. Describe and explain 5 underlying concepts that drive interaction design. Please include appropriate details and examples with applicable references in APA style.
  6. One or your colleague is looking to build website for his/her business. After reviewing different design pattern at Yahoo website, list and explain 10 design patterns that you suggest using for the proposed website. Please include appropriate details and examples (with screen shots as necessary) and mention applicable references in APA style.
  7. Explain, compare and contrast Procedural Programming with Object Oriented Programming concepts. Please include appropriate details and examples with applicable references in APA style.
  8. Describe and explain following terms/concepts ? Object, Class, Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism. Include example and other details as necessary and mention applicable references in APA style.

Assignment 1 Essay No.1.


?Server-side Scripting?: In server-side programming or scripting, it is great practice as far as


possible the entrance of every application of the basic framework,...


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