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(solution) Assignment 1 Employee Contact Information

Need work for excel and its pretty basic work and each assignment based on each other. 

Assignment 1


Employee Contact Information ?










? ?






? You have been asked by your boss to prepare a spreadsheet with contact


information in it for all the employees in your department. The information


she is looking for is:


Employee Number




Job Title


Hire Date


Telephone Number




Prepare a worksheet with the above information for a minimum of five


fictitious employees. Make sure to include the following formatting




Merge your cells for your title row and center it.


Rotate your column headings so that they are angled.


Format the cell types appropriately (e.g. date, text, phone number).


Add bordering and coloring for a professional look.


Add a filter to each column so they can be sorted by your boss. Have them


in order according to their employee number for her. Assignment 2


Setting Up Your Portfolio ?


? Build a portfolio of at least 10 stocks using information from the web. A


portfolio is a grouping of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and


mutual funds. In general, a portfolio is made up of diverse investments to


ensure proper allocation between risk and return. For our project, we will


be focusing on stocks and tracking their performance within an Excel


workbook we will be building and formatting.


The first task is to conduct research to determine which 10 stocks you will


be analyzing in your portfolio, determine which data sources you will use in


your portfolio workbook and format your workbook for upcoming analysis.


The amount invested can be anything over $1,000, and since this is all


imaginary, the amount invested can be set very high.


Create a worksheet that lists your ten stocks with the following criteria:


Add a title row to your worksheet and center it.


Your column headings should include a minimum of the following


information: name, ticker symbol, number of stocks purchased, date of


purchase, purchase price, total price paid, current stock price, current


stock value, money made or lost, and any other relevant data. ?












? ?


? Use Times New Roman Font, bold, with 12 inch font for column titles.


Use 11 inch font for all other data.


Add data to the name, ticker symbol, date of purchase, number of stocks


purchased, purchase price, and total price paid for each stock (use a


formula when appropriate).


Resize the columns so that all the information fits appropriately.


Format the cell types appropriately (e.g. date, text, currency).


Rename this worksheet to "Summary".


Use the appropriate proofing tools to check for spelling and grammar




In a separate worksheet (within the same workbook), determine which data


sources (Yahoo Finance is a particularly good option for this assignment)


you will use in your portfolio workbook. The data sources should report


periodically throughout the day on the stock performance, keep historical


data on performance, and offer other important information.


Create a list of web data sources that you either plan to use or are


considering for use for this project.


Be sure to include the website title and URL for each source, and include


at least five sources.


Rename this worksheet to "Web Sources" Assignment 3


Based on assignment 1


VLookup and HLookup


Continue working with the Employee Contact Information workbook you


created last week for your boss. Now she needs a way to retrieve an


employee's last name by typing in an employee number.


Use the VLookup or HLookup to search the values in the columns or rows


to retrieve the needed data. Retrieve an employee of your choice to


demonstrate the function. Assignment 4


Based on assignment 2


Analyzing with Functions ? Functions are predefined formulas already available within Excel. By using


them within our portfolio, Excel will do the needed financial calculations for


us. Include the following functions within your project workbook.


Use the SUM function to add the total cost paid for all of your stocks. This ? should be your total amount of money invested in your portfolio.


Find the AVERAGE, MINIMUM, and MAXIMUM (using the appropriate


function) of the number of stocks purchased and of the price paid for the




Employ the use of a logical function (i.e. IF, AND, OR...) appropriately


within your workbook.


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