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(solution) Assignment 3: Marketing Plan Instructions: The City Council of

Assignment 3: Marketing Plan

Instructions: The City Council of Charles Town has retained your services to continue with the development of a Minor League Baseball team. Based on the recommendations you made, you need to create a marketing plan to help market the new baseball team both internally and externally. The most important thing to be marketed is the actual team itself as a brand new Minor League Baseball Single A baseball team in Charles Town, WV. It is important the marketing plan includes a quality public relations and community relations campaign in order to generate interest and support throughout the community.  Having a well-developed marketing plan is essential to the new baseball team?s success, and must be linked to the overall core mission and core values developed previously.

Upon approval of the City Council of Charles Town, your marketing plan will be presented and executed by the future Director and team of Marketing, Public, and Community Relations.

The structure of the marketing plan should address the following areas :

  • Executive Summary: This section acts as a concise overview of the marketing plan. This section should be brief (approximately one page) and focus on only the major objectives.
    • Team Name and description of the main objective/vision for this team/organization
    • Target audience
    • Short and long-term goals/objectives
    • Marketing overview
    • Public Relations/Community Relations vision
  • Marketing Environment: This section provides a brief overview of the demographic, social, and economic climate associated with the city of Charles Town and marketing for this team/organization.
    • Demographics
    • Environmental factors (societal and cultural)
    • Economic and financial conditions
    • Stakeholder and political influences
  • Marketing Objectives: Identify specific marketing objectives associated with generating revenue/profit through ticket sales, luxury suites, merchandise, sponsorship, advertising, etc.
  • Target Market: Identify specific information regarding the audience targeted for this marketing plan.
    • Demographics
    • Environmental factors (societal and cultural)
  • Marketing (SWOT) Analysis: Identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with marketing this team/organization.
    • Competition (local, national, etc.) 
  • Marketing Mix: Description of the strategies for each phase of the marketing mix.
    • Product
    • Pricing
    • Place
    • Positioning
    • Promotion

Create a PowerPoint covering the areas listed above for presentation to the City Council of Charles Town.  Remember, the PowerPoint must be in bulleted format and must include a notes section. The notes section should be the script you will use for your presentation such that if you were unable to make the presentation, someone else could make the presentation by reading what you?ve written in the notes section. No animations/transitions. 

Be sure to carefully proof your work, and follow APA format throughout.  The last slide of your presentation should be your reference list. At least two scholarly references are required.

Length of Assignment: 15-20 PowerPoint Slides (not including title page and references)

Page 5 of attached is my recommendations. 



1 Minor League Baseball


Toni-Ann Averils


American Military University MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2


Introduction Minor League Baseball is a highly loved and valued professional baseball league in the


America. The baseball teams in the league compete below the major league baseball MLB level.


The league provides team owners, sponsors and players a viable platform for financial and talent


development (Davis, 2003). Many members of the baseball league have managed to rise to the


highest level of the football league in the nation and advanced their careers with some players


gaining access to the most competitive leagues in the world such as the English Premier League


(EPL). The lucrative nature of the league and its positive reputation is systematically attracting


players and sponsors of teams such as Charles City Council to participate in the league.


Their aim is to enter the league and nurture young talents in football. Currently, the city


of Charles Town in the US is in the process of sponsoring a team in the baseball league. The City


Council is sponsoring the team to help in enhancing its reputation, promote income levels and


market the city as a tourist destination (Davis, 2003). It is for this reason that this report is


presented to provide a professional advice on how the City can launch the baseball team. It


details the probable options the city council can consider towards owning and operating the


baseball team. It also includes the effective structure that will enable the team to perform


exemplarily in the league.


Governance organization(s)


Brief history


As noted, Minor League Baseball is a professional baseball league that is governed under


a national baseball league umbrella body. The commissioner of baseball is the head of the body.


He is charged with the responsibility to facilitate governance activities. He is in charge of


managing daily activities, policy making and monitoring of financial appropriations. He also MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 3 participates in monitoring players? welfare including convening general meetings where various


issues are disused including acceptance of new members or baseball teams (Davis, 2003). The


league is governed through organized structures and strict guidelines that the City of Charles


team will have to adhere to appropriately. One of the conditions is discipline and ethics about


team management and financial usage among other things.


The current history of the City of Charles town shows that there have been slight


governance problems that may impede the realization of the objective at hand if mitigating


strategies are not adopted. In particular, the city has a history of poor management of the former


football team. The team disintegrated because of poor communication systems, player selection


processes, inferior sporting equipment and lack of finance to cater for players needs. The City


must formulate amicable strategies to ensure that the problems reoccur no more. This can be


achieved by appointing responsible and accountable leadership at the council level and team


level to facilitate effective coordination of player selection, utilization of resources and transition


of the team from lower leagues to upper league. Likewise, it can be solved by adopting a


participatory organization structure.


Current structure


Owning a vibrant and well-operated baseball team that is competitive in the baseball


league in the America requires a flexible management structure. Due to this, the council?s


baseball management body should change its structure from the hierarchical to flat


organizational structure of governance (Feinstein, 2014). Flat structure will provide effective and


faster ways of communication that is needed for successful management of a team. This is


imperative since teamwork involves immense communication and sharing of ideas. The structure


will also reduce the unwarranted bureaucracies that slow down decision-making processes. MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 4 Likewise, the structure will aid free and fair selection of players as opposed to hierarchical


structure that does not embrace stakeholder participation.


Issues facing governing bodies


The main issues facing football-governing bodies including teams include legal


provisions and adherence to ethical standards. Most governing bodies fail to oblige to the ethical


standards of operations as expected. They violate ethical code of conduct through acceptance of


bribes to recruit players, misappropriation of funds, unfair treatment of players, and use of vulgar


language (Davis, 2003). They have also failed in some instances to exercise professionalism


required. Legal issues the organizations are faced with appertain to lack of license renewals,


failure to make prompt subscriptions to the regulatory authority, unfair termination of players,


breach of election processes and breach of player selection. The City of Charles Town should


take cognizance of the factors and mitigate them effectively.


How Charles Town benefits from affiliation


The inclusion of baseball team in the Americas baseball league stands to benefit Charles


Town significantly. The town is set to benefit financially and structurally. In particular, the move


will enable the city to increase its revenue from the collections attained when the team plays. The


team will also attract many football lovers from local and external cities who will visit and in


turn make various purchases (Feinstein, 2014). This will generate more resources to the city.


Structurally, the city will have to develop a football arena and other subsidiary establishments for


the provision of alternative services. It will lead to socio-economic development as talent will be


nurtured, youth will get engaged and social activities will advance. MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 5 Organizational Management and Structure Recommendations


Leadership Structure


For effective management of the team and it?s affairs, the recommended management or


organizational structure is the flat structure. The leadership structure will eliminate bureaucracies


that affect decision-making and functionality of most teams. It will instead promote participation


of stakeholders in decision-making on key issues such as financial utilization and player


selection. The structure suits the team and it will guarantee its progress in the baseball league.


The goal The goal of the structure is


To aid communication between players, team managers and the public or fans


To enhance democracy in the management of the team?s affairs by ensuring stakeholder participation


To promote accountability and effective utilization of the available resources


To ensure democratic recruitment of players Ethical Practices


Code of Ethics


As noted by Feinstein (2014), the team?s exemplary performance is dependent on the code


of ethics and best practices adopted. The practices are essential since they hold the capacity to


promote sanity among team members and in the league. The notable ethical code of conduct that


is appropriate for the team?s sustainability include discipline among players, proper time


management, regular training attendance and use of cordial language. Therefore, players are


ethically expected to be disciplined, attend regular training, mange time well and use cordial


language in their speech.


Risk analysis and matrix


Within the governing body MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 6 Risk analysis is the evaluation of the possible risks that may affect the team and the City


of Charles from attaining its objectives. The potential risks that the team and the town is bound


to face include physical risks, financial risks, ethical or moral risks and legal risks ( O'Connor,


2013). The risks are detrimental if not managed effectively hence the need for the organization and the team to develop an effective risk management policy matrix. The matrix should detail the


measures and processes of risk management from the preamble stages to completion.


The major risks within the governing body would include financial risks, legal risk and


moral risks. Financial risks are eminent as it involves poor utilization of resources and lack of


accountability. This risk may lead to the collapse of the team especially when the resources are


misappropriated to the point of bankruptcy. Legal risk may also affect the organization from


running. The risk involves termination of the team?s license due to inability to meet the standards


set by the regulatory body such as submission of subscriptions (O'Connor, 2013).


The risk of deregistration of the team from the league due to cases of misconduct and


unfair practices. Players also face the risk of termination from a team especially when the


character display is wanting or when he abuses, physically assault and threaten match officials.


On the other hand ethical risks include loss of good players by the governing council, withdrawal


of player payment especially when he violates the code of conduct set among others.


Associated with owning a team in Charles Town


On the other hand, the risks associated with owning a baseball team in Charles Town that


must be dealt with amicably include the risk of losing the invested resources especially if the


team fail to perform well, that risk of losing reputation if the players or fans engage in


simultaneous ethical malpractices (O'Connor, 2013). The risk associated with destruction of


physical property also threatens the town especially when fans turn violent and engage in MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 7 property destruction. Owning the team also pose a reputation risk for the Charles City. This is


because the outcome is unknown as it can be positive or negative.


Financial management


Financial management is an integral factor that influences performance of organizations.


It determines the institution?s failure or success either in the short or in long run. Due to this, the


City Council and the baseball team should develop a vibrant financial management system that


has requisite control mechanisms. For instance, information system accounting system is the one


that the team should use or embrace. This system holds the capacity of eliminating wastage,


financial misappropriation by ensuring that every funded project is well authorized and




Summary & conclusion


Based on the facts presented, it is recommended and prudent for the City Charles Town to


opt and register the new baseball team in the baseball league. The move is attributable to the


notable benefits that the City is bound to accrue that include increased revenue base, enhanced


reputation of the city, infrastructural advancement and development of young people?s talent.


Therefore, the city should invest in the team and provide requisite support incentives to enable it


function appropriately. The important notable recommendation is that, there should be a flat


organizational structure adopted to aid operations. The operation is necessary to promote


effective communication by eliminating bureaucracy. There should be an effective financial


manage system that promote accountability. This is achievable through effective budgeting and


allocation of resources to priority areas.


Another recommendation is that, ethical code of conduct must be set and adhered to by


the stakeholders. This is essential in facilitating the sustainability of the team and enable it MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 8 counter he risk of deregistration based on ethical cases among players or team management unit.


Additional recommendation is that in-depth risk analysis should be undertaken to enable the


team, sponsor and the managing unit to know probable risks thereby design amiable ways of


mitigating their effects. The notable risks that must be monitored include financial risk, ethical


risk, physical and legal risks.


The timeline for effective implementation of the recommendation and the plan through to


the launching the team at the baseball league may take 2 months. During this period, licenses van


be secured, the team members list can be finalized, support materials put in place and other


logistics embraced. Davis, H. (2003). Small-town heroes: Images of minor league baseball. Lincoln: University of


Nebraska Press. MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 9 Feinstein, J. (2014). Where nobody knows your name: Life in the minor leagues of baseball. New


York: Doubleday.


O'Connor, F. G. (2013). ACSM's sports medicine: A comprehensive review. Philadelphia: Wolters


Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


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