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BS105 Research Project

Concept Paper and Website Analysis

Over the course of the class, you learn a lot about how businesses work. You study the internal part of a business, management, HR, marketing, and finance. You also see how businesses interact with government and the public. The project for this course is an individual research paper on a business subject that is of interest to you.

This project has two parts, which are detailed below.

Part I: Pose a question about a pattern of events or behaviors that you have observed; good questions to ask start with ?why,? ?how,? and ?what.? Examples of questions could be:

? I have noticed a new product (video game, food, etc.) What might be the product development cycle?

? The business I work for is buying new equipment or software. Why would they be interested in the expected return of investment?

? I find a specific company interesting. Who are their main competitors? How are they competing?

? How is Company A showing social responsibility?

? What is Company Z?s marketing mix and why?

Use at least five (5) business concepts, topics, and principles discussed in the course to answer the question. You will be graded on how clearly you answer the question, the quality of the sources of information you used, and your mastery of business vocabulary.

Examples of business concepts you may use: (see your textbook for more options)

? Return on Investment

? Use of Technology in Business

? Revenues, Profits and Losses

? Competitive Environment

? Supply and Demand

? Business Cycle

? Forms of Business Ownership

? Organizational Structure

? Marketing Mix

? Product Development

? Employee Supervision

? Ethical Decision Making in Business

? Social Responsibility

Information can be obtained from books, business periodicals, newspapers, interviews with experts, and the Internet. A minimum of three (3) sources should be used. You should use your textbook, but it does not count as one of the three sources. Sources must be cited on a References page at the end of your paper, as well in the text of your paper. If you are only using three sources, you must use sources that were published in the last four years. If you use more than three, some may be older than four years. You may use good quality periodicals as well as scholarly sources. If you are not sure about the quality of the source of information, check out this page on the library web site:

Part II: Find and discuss a web resource in relation to the concept(s) you are discussing. Answer the following questions about the website (these questions can also be found at the library link above). Put the answers in an Appendix to your paper. The appendix counts towards the total page length requirement of 3-5 pages.

1. Who?

a. Who is the author, sponsoring organization, or publisher?

b. Are they an expert in the field?

2. Why?

a. Why is the author publishing the information?

b. To sell you something? To convince you of a belief? Is the information biased or balanced? Is the information objective or opinion?

c. Is it a joke? Be aware that propaganda, misinformation and disinformation do exist.

3. What?

a. What type of source is it? Scholarly/academic? Trade/professional? Popular?

b. Does this type of source suit your research needs?

4. Can you trust it?

a. Does the author cite his/her sources?

b. When was it published or last updated?

c. What is the URL suffix? .com .edu .org .net?

5. How does it compare? How does this website compare to other websites, books, articles, etc. on the same topic

6. Then summarize the website content.

a. How does this website address your question?

b. What evidence or information does this website give that backs up your answer?

To address your business question should take about 3 to 5 pages. If your paper is significantly shorter, review the assignment to make sure you have thoroughly addressed the topic.

All papers should be formatted in the following manner:

? Double-spaced

? Times New Roman, 12-point font

? 1-inch margins (all sides)

? Include a References page

o References must be in alphabetical order and in proper APA format (double-spaced with hanging indents)

? APA citation should be used whenever sources are cited

APA resources:


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