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I need a power point for an Event Presentation (It must be from 20-25 slides), and NO PLAGIARISM 

I have attached a sample file of this assignment for you look it. 


Think of yourself as an arts critic, who views shows (art, music, performance) and uses critical analysis to report your findings. Go to a live performance (choir, orchestra, play, musical, dance or performance art) or an exhibit (gallery art show or museum). Create a PowerPoint presentation (include photos, video clips and/or sound, if possible) of your experience and critical analysis

In your presentation, you will give a critique of the event you attended. events that you can attend. If you are visiting another city during the semester, you can visit an event there too! *Events that you may have visited prior to this course are not able used for this assignment.

For our purposes, your critique will be a written presentation used to analyze, describe, and interpret works of art, music, and/or performance.

There are four major areas of art criticism: description, analysis, interpretation, and judgment. These areas are listed below along with some questions for you to think about before, during and after attending your event. Your critique/presentation should cover each of these areas. Although every question may not pertain to the event you attend, you should use these as a base for your critique. You may feel the need to add questions to each area based on the event you attend.


Describe the work/event without using value words such as ?beautiful? or ?ugly?:

What is the written description on the label or in the program about the event?

What is the title and who is (are) the artist(s)?

When and where was the work created?

Describe the elements of the work (i.e., line movement, light, space, rhythm, etc?).

Describe the technical qualities of the work (i.e., tools, materials, instruments).

Describe the subject matter. What is it all about? Are there recognizable images, sounds, etc??


Describe how the work/event is organized as a complete composition:

How is the work constructed or planned (i.e., acts, movements, lines)?

Identify some of the similarities throughout the work (i.e., repetition of lines, two songs in each act, etc?).

Identify some of the points of emphasis in the work (i.e., specific scene, figure, movement).

If the work has subjects or characters, what are the relationships between or among them?


Describe how the work/event makes you think or feel:

Describe the expressive qualities you find in the work. What expressive language would you use to describe the qualities (i.e., tragic, ugly, funny)?

Does the work remind you of other things you have experienced (i.e., analogy or metaphor)?

How does the work relate to other ideas or events in the world and/or in your other studies?

Judgment or Evaluation

Present your opinion of the event/work?s success or failure:

What qualities of the work make you feel it is a success or failure?

Compare it with similar works that you think are good or bad.

What criteria can you list to help others judge this work?

How original is the work? Why do you feel this work is original or not original?


Where it is necessary in your presentation, please include photos, videos and/or sound. The event you attend will dictate whether or not these are necessary and whether or not you are allowed to take photos, video and/or record sound. Please respect the wishes of the presenters and artist/s regarding this.

Ricardo Zamora


November 28, 2015 Description Created in 2009 by the late Tony Goldman Located in the warehouse district of Wynwood in


Miami, Florida Goldman?s goal was to ?create a center where


people could gravitate to and explore, and to


develop the area's pedestrian potential? ?Wynwood's large stock of warehouse buildings, all


with no windows, would be my giant canvases to


bring to them the greatest street art ever seen in


one place.? Description Graffiti and street art, a genre that Goldman felt was


under appreciated and not respected Murals from both American and international artists What is it all about? Subject matter varies with each mural Common themes include love, desire, fragility of


society, human savagery, corruption, science,


religion, cosmology, social issues, equality,


politics, and death Recognizable images: Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline


Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, mythological creatures,


nature, animals, etc. Elements and Technical Qualities Shape: two dimensional and flat Lines: descriptive, implied, and expressive Value: dark and light tones of all colors Intensity of Colors: high (strong and bright colors) and low


(faint and dull colors) Tools and Materials: aerosol, spray paint, markers, chisels,


stencils, warehouse canvas, chisels, ink, paint cans, paint


brushes, etc. Artists Os Gemeos, Invader, Kenny Scharf, FUTURA 2000,


Dearraindrop, FAILE, BÄST, Shepard Fairey, Aiko,


Sego, Saner, Liqen, Nunca, Ben Jones, HOW &


NOSM, Ryan McGinness, Jim Drain, Ara Peterson,


Retna, Stelios Faitakis, Clare Rojas, The Date


Farmers, avaf, ROA, Ron English, Jeff Soto, Logan


Hicks, b., PHASE 2, Joe Grillo, COCO 144, Gaia,


Vhils, Interesni Kazki, Neuzz, Swoon, Ben Wolf,


David Ellis, Barry McGee, Brandon Opalka, Friends


With You, DALeast, Faith 47, Santiago Rubino,


Daze, Krink, Momo, Miss Van, Lady Pink, Fafi,


Sheryo, Kashink, Maya Hayuk and Lakwena. Analysis Artists from all over the world transformed the


warehouses of Wynwood into giant canvases of


graffiti and street art Known as ?Museum of the Streets? Murals express a wide range of feelings, thoughts,


ideas, and messages Artists bring life through their art to a once lifeless


area of Miami Interpretation Expressive qualities:


humorous, beautiful,


tragic, weird, thoughtprovoking, and even


ugly The murals reminded


me of inner-city graffiti


found in big cities Some murals are


political and social


commentaries of world


events 50 cakes of Gay by Kashnik was painted in support


of equal rights for gays and lesbians Judgment and Evaluation Wynwood Walls are successful in that they


transformed the old warehouses into works of art


and created a center where people could explore


and enjoy graffiti and street art Miami?s art center One of the world?s most stunning display of graffiti


and street art Similar Works Wynwood Walls and Mexican Muralism tell stories


without words about historical, social, and political


events Mexican Muralism created art to educate the illiterate


masses about Mexican history following the Mexican


Revolution The artists of Mexican Muralism were Siqueiros, Diego


Rivera, and José Clemente Orozco Criteria for Critical Judgment Open-mindedness Originality and creativity Color scheme Overall impression of the art Quality of artistic composition and overall design Originality of the Work Original works featured by the world?s most


renowned graffiti and street artists Transforming warehouses into works of art is original


in itself Every piece of art reflects the thoughts, feelings,


and ideas of these diverse painters Works Cited


?Wynwood Walls.? The Wynwood Walls. 2014. Web. 28


Nov. 2015. <>.


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